Aaron Paquette blames lewd graffiti on dirty campaign

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    Aaron Paquette blames lewd graffiti on dirty campaign

    Commercial Garage Door Repair Edmonton

    A NDP candidate is blaming a lewd image spray painted on his garage door this week on dirty politics.

    Aaron Paquette, a high-profile candidate running in the Edmonton Manning riding, woke up Thanksgiving morning to find the image of a penis spray painted on his garage. 

    “At first I was a little concerned,” he said. “Pretty soon after that we were kind of laughing about it. It’s a bit juvenile.”

    The first-time political candidate is an artist by trade who says he enjoys exchanging political views with people on the doorstep.

    But he said finds the tone of the discourse in the campaign troubling.Paquette believes the graffiti is politically motivated. (Courtesy of Aaron Paquette)

    “I think we can say that this has been a pretty nasty campaign,” he said. “When you start playing on people’s fears that way, trying to scare up some votes, some people are going to react emotionally and I maybe that’s what happened here.”

    Paquette has no doubt the image on the door was intended as a political message.

    “As far as coincidences go, we were the only house in the whole neighbourhood that had something (vandalized) and it was a very beautiful shade or orange.

    “I’m no sleuth but …”

    Paquette said he isn’t blaming any particular campaign.

    He and his family scrubbed off the image and returned to working on getting more votes in Monday’s election.

    Mobile users: Get breaking news from CBC’s campaign trail live blog

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