Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Annual Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door is just one of the many doors in one’s home.

Used almost every day, homeowners may tend to take the door for granted and forget to think about it until it malfunctions.

To prevent any serious issues from occurring, regular maintenance should be done at least once a year.

Delaying this will not only increase costs, but it will also become more dangerous over time.

A well-maintained door will last for more years and, in turn, will be safer and more convenient for everyone living in the household.

While it is best to consult experts for these matters, there are maintenance tips anyone can do.

Listed below are annual overhead door maintenance tips to do to preserve garage doors.

Preparing a Checklist

Comprising many different parts, the garage door might be a little confusing to inspect, especially for beginners.

To ensure that the assessment on the door is thorough, it is best to make a checklist of all parts that should be checked.

Examples of the inspection points are:

  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Drums
  • Springs
  • Rail Assembly
  • Weather Strip
  • Photo Eye Alignment

Doing Visual Checks

When doing maintenance checks, the first step is to inspect the garage door visually.

Look closer, are the cables showing any signs of fraying?

When in movement, does the door shake or rattle?

Does it produce any squealing noise?

Are there visible gaps in the springs?

Are the rails misaligned?

Will there be a need to replace the weatherstrip?

From these questions, one will be able to know what issues need fixing.

Testing the Door’s Balance

If there seem to be difficulties with opening the overhead door, it is best to check its balance.

When dealing with an automatic door, disconnect the automated opener system and try lifting the door manually.

Raise it halfway to check if it stays put, and if it does not, then there is an issue with its springs that causes the door to be unbalanced.

Inspecting the Hardware

Lubricating the hardware is a vital step in maintaining the garage door.

Springs, rollers, and bearings should be greased to reduce the amount of friction it goes through every time the door is in operation.

However, it is crucial to take extra precautions to deal with torsion springs during DIY inspections, as it is extremely dangerous.

Moreover, plastic or nylon rollers are exempted from lubrication.

Additionally, nuts, rollers, fasteners, and hinges should be tightened to ensure that the door operates efficiently and safely.

If unsure which parts are which, consult the owner’s manual.

Performing Safety Tests

For doors installed after 1993, there is an automatic safety reverse mechanism to protect anything or anyone from being crushed by the door when it closes.

To test if this mechanism is functional, place an object, an empty box, for example, on the door’s closing path.

If it continues to close down with the object in place, there is something wrong with the auto-reverse function.

Another safety mechanism one should test is the photo-eye sensors.

Situated on both sides of the door, these sensors send infrared waves to one another to sense if anything is in the way and disrupting the signal.

If the sensors sense any obstruction, then it will immediately halt the closing process.

These safety features are essential to ensure the doors are not safety hazards, so immediately contact a specialist to check the garage door during malfunctions.

Cleaning the Garage Door

Lastly, when conducting the annual maintenance, make sure that the garage door itself is clean.

A dirty garage door can prevent its safety mechanisms from working, so ensure to clean up any debris.

Even traces of cobwebs can be detected as obstruction by the photo-eye sensors, so don’t allow any build-up on the door.

Moreover, the tracks should be clean, as there might be a chance that the reverse mechanism might detect the dirt as resistance and prevent itself from closing.

Regular maintenance keeps overhead doors working efficiently and saves owners from costly repairs in the future.

However, there are more sensitive parts of the door that will need a specialist’s attention.

The best and safest option for anyone is to contact a professional service technician.

Residents of Sherwood Park, Beaumont, St. Albert, and Edmonton are fortunate as there are several specialists within the area.

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