How Does a Garage Door Spring Break

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    How Does a Garage Door Spring Break

    Having a well-maintained garage door is essential for keeping your family and possessions safe and protected.

    Nonetheless, everything has its own limits, garage doors included.

    If you’re having difficulties with why your garage door suddenly snaps, then your spring is likely broken.

    This guide provides information on the reasons why garage door spring breaks.

    Causes of Garage Door Spring Damage

    On average, overhead garage doors weigh about 130-400 pounds, needing to offset the weight when opening and closing the door, a garage door spring is necessary to lessen the difficulty.

    However, if the garage door spring breaks then that itself is a problem.

    Knowing the reason behind its breakage is useful for us to find ways of preventing it.

    Rust formation

    Rust is the natural enemy of steel, garage door spring included.

    When rust starts to form, so does its probability to breakage.

    The steel coil will lose its strength, resulting in increased friction, and will gradually lead to the snapping of the spring in two.

    The only way to fix this problem is to replace the springs with new ones.

    There are lots of springs to choose from types down to measurements.

    One way of prolonging its life-span is by preventing this rust from building up through lubricating the coil at least every three months.

    Wear and Tear

    The average life-span of a torsion spring is about 10,000 cycles.

    Good for you if you do have one, but it doesn’t sound long as it should be.

    When you leave for work in the morning, then come back in the evening.

    It just means that you completed two cycles for that day.

    It is a fact that you’ll use your garage door twice a day for a whole year, including days when you use your car often.

    Meaning, 10,000 cycles may not last long.

    Breakage is bound to happen, and the more you use your garage door, the shorter its spring’s lifespan will become.

    That is why commercial establishments invest more in high-quality garage door springs that are four times capable than the average springs installed in residential areas.

    Lubricating and regular maintenance is the key to preventing yourself from having a broken spring soon.

    But if you want to have numerical data on how many cycles it has left, then you can buy devices that function as a cycle counter.

    Off Balanced garage door

    Having an off-balanced garage door likely leads to finding your springs broken.

    One way to know if your garage door is off-balance is by lifting it halfway then releasing it.

    If it falls down a bit or falls entirely on the floor, then you need to check your garage door springs.

    Note that all the other parts need to be in perfect condition for the garage door to last long.

    If your garage door is off-balance, then it is possible that other parts may not be working correctly too.

    That is why its balance needs to be checked regularly and see if all the pieces are still functioning properly.

    Poor Maintenance

    An overhead door that is regularly and efficiently maintained may exceed the expected number of cycles.

    On the other hand, if handled poorly, then it is likely expected to have a shorter lifespan than its expected maximum number of cycles.

    For example, the absence of regular lubrication will lead to springs breaking sooner than it should be.

    To extend your garage dor spring’s lifespan, let Overhead Garage Door Pros check it at least once a year.

    Proper maintenance does not only include lubricating of springs but also motors and chains, making sure that the door remains perfectly balanced.

    When winter hits, the temperature drops to a certain threshold, resulting in metal contraction that leads to spring prone to breakage.

    Incorrect Spring Length

    Having springs installed with incorrect length may lead to a shorter life cycle.

    An example of this is people thinking that one long spring is enough and cheaper.

    Indeed it’s cheaper and may be doable, but only for small garage doors.

    Having only one spring takes all the weight and tension that the door gives makes it half the life cycle of having two on both sides, absorbing the stress.

    However, installing two springs will ensure the prevention of having heavy damage once the single spring break.

    Here is a video if you want to know more tips on how to choose the right spring for your door.

    Professional’s Help

    Finding yourself a broken spring is truly inconvenient, but if it does happen, then you either contact some experts to fix this or replace it by yourself.

    Keep in mind that you need to be confident with your skills and knowledge with proper tools when handling this.

    That’s because you’ll face significant risks, especially where accidents are prominent when dealing with high-tension springs.

    Wherever you are in Edmonton, call Overhead Garage Door Pros at (587) 804-2072 for top-notch garage door spring repair and replacement services.

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