Garage Door Spring Replacement: How, When And Why

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Garage Door Spring Replacement – Garage doors are usually located in the outer part of the house.

    That is why they easily get dirty and, oftentimes, rusty.

    The most important part of an overhead door that needs to be cleaned is the overhead door springs, seals, and locks, mainly because these parts are the ones that are most exposed to the weather.

    It is for this reason that they can easily attract rust, which can cause the springs, seals, and the locks to get stuck.

    In consequence, the overhead door will not be able to perform its duty which is mainly to secure the house every day.

    There are two main types of springs: the torsion springs and the extension springs.

    Both perform quite similar functions; however, they are used in different ways.

    As the mechanism that is in charge of lifting the weight of the overhead door up and down, it is typically under a lot of pressure and tension.

    Hence, they are often susceptible to damage and may need replacements more than repairs.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement: How to replace the springs?

    Springs can break as a result of their heavy duty of vaulting up and down almost every day.

    For torsion springs, they can be found above overhead doors across on the wall.

    They are typically winded up as the doors move and reinforce a great deal of tension.

    Replacing it can be dangerous for several reasons, with its sensitive nature being the primary one.

    It will require necessary tools such as winding bars and other expensive equipment.

    Hence, it is always recommended that a professional service company with trained experts should do the job.

    Extension springs, on the other hand, are those that are found across the corners of an overhead door’s system.

    These springs run from the wall where the door is located and towards the location of the opener.

    For each end, the other has a bracket while the other one has a pulley that is linked to the cable which is, in turn, connected to the edge of the door.

    Whenever the overhead door is pulled down, the springs will be stretched.

    When it opens, however, the coils are brought closer together, resulting in a complicated tangle of things.

    For this reason, it might be dangerous for those that are untrained to do the repairs on their own.

    It is best to call an overhead door repair company to replace the whole thing.

    When to replace the springs?

    Once the overhead door springs are in dire need of replacements, the door itself will send several signs of damage that will indicate the necessity of the action.

    Because prevention is better than cure, homeowners should opt for replacements rather than repairs that may be more tedious and costly than the former.

    Garage door springs typically last for seven to 12 years with a considerable amount of cycles depending on the type.

    One of the most obvious signs of a faulty spring is the door refusing to open upon command.

    If it is already worn out upon close inspection, a replacement should be done immediately to prevent further issues from arising.

    Several tests can be done to see if the springs are still properly working.

    For instance, homeowners or experts can do a force setting test or a manual overhead door opening.

    If the springs fail either one, homeowners should consider calling for a replacement.

    They should take note as well that replacements are dangerous and will greatly need professional assistance.

    Why do springs need to be replaced?

    Springs tend to be quite sensitive but they are considered to be one of the strongest components of overhead doors.

    Attempting to fix them may not cut it for most damages, especially in the case of a broken spring.

    To ensure that the springs will be able to perform its best, a replacement should be done.

    Proper maintenance should also be considered to prevent other problems from occurring.

    For overhead door spring repairs and replacements, Garage Door Pros can help homeowners solve these kinds of problems.

    Residents living in Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park or Beaumont can reach out to the service company with no sweat.

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