Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

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    Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

    Owning a warehouse gives space for your merchandise and commodities to be stored.

    But securing these is a problem, particularly in a busy city like in Edmonton.

    An effective garage door installation would be a necessity to keep your stuff safe and protected.

    However, a good installation doesn’t signify eternal effectiveness and may wear out in such a time.

    Keeping your warehouse garage doors functional is the first step to secure your belongings.

    Being cautious would be so essential to avoid bigger issues.

    But how would you be able to know if there is a problem with your warehouse door?

    How would you be able to repair such damages?

    Here are some Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them:

    The Garage Door is Not Opening

    An automatic overhead door would likely be installed in your warehouse to easily open and close the door and access the garage.

    Be sure to check if the building has the power or the remote has a functional battery, so it may respond when opening or even closing the door.

    Ensure also that the door is not locked, when opening the door.

    If it still won’t respond, the problem may be on its hardware.

    The Garage Door Is Off Track

    If there is enough power yet the door still won’t open or close, the door track maybe off or crooked.

    If this is the issue, check the cables for it may be broken or snapped.

    A garage door cable repair could be dangerous for a nonprofessional.

    An experienced technician could efficiently do the job from here, to fix and align your garage door.

    Garage Door Springs are Broken

    Torsion springs also play a significant role in your garage door for it to function.

    When you see that the springs are being separated then that indicates that it is broken.

    If it is cracked or broken, then there is not enough force to lift and open the warehouse door.

    Garage door spring replacement is what you need.

    Ask help from a professional when purchasing and installing a new spring that is appropriate to your garage door.

    Leaking Water Under the Garage Door

    Pittsburgh can have so much rain in a year.

    Because of that, water leakage may also be a problem in your garage door.

    If you notice leaking under your door then it indicates that the weather seal of the door needs to be replaced.

    If the seal is not the problem then try to check if your door closed properly and is sitting flat to the ground.

    If not, an underlying problem such as the door being off the track is the issue.

    The Garage Door is not Closing

    Just like the problem when your door is not opening, power must also be checked when closing your door.

    But if it does respond yet does not stay closed, then the problem might be into your door’s limit switch.

    A limit switch functions as a safety feature of the door that prevents it from closing on a person or inflicting damage over your equipment.

    This can be improperly calibrated and too sensitive thinking it’s hitting an obstacle that it opens immediately right after you closed the door.

    Try to recalibrate the switch to fix the issue.

    Maintenance and Repair

    A minor issue could lead to a bigger threat, so inspecting the garage doors regularly could help avoid the inflicting damage.

    Maintaining the warehouse garage door protects you from security issues and keep your property safe.

    While prevention is effective in extending your garage door’s lifespan, problems can’t be avoided as time passes by.

    Knowing the Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them is not enough.

    Remember, the garage door mechanism could be too dangerous for a nonprofessional so lend us your trust and make us do the work for you.

    We can serve you in these hard times, as our technicians are the best in maintaining and fixing garage doors in Pittsburgh.

    We can offer you our services and products that are suitable for your warehouse garage door specifications.

    Give us a call 24/7 at (587) 804-2072 or you can email at us then we will be at your doorstep.

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