Garage Door Randomly Opens

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    Garage Door Randomly Opens

    Your garage door should keep you safe.

    It’s additional security that keeps your private space from the outside.

    Issues and problems arise from time to time.

    What can you do if your garage door randomly opens?

    Your things or vehicle is not safe with this kind of concern.

    Address this problem at once and secure your home.

    A garage door randomly opens is like an invitation to possible intruders.

    Never compromise the safety of your home.

    There is something wrong with a garage door that opens at any time.

    It may have something to do with the mechanisms or the controls.

    Ultimately, you need to check it immediately.

    Issues with the remote control or wall button

    Sometimes, there are issues that don’t have anything to do with the door itself.

    If the remote control is faulty, then the functions don’t work well.

    The problem then lies in the remote, not your garage door.

    If you click the close option and the garage door randomly opens, check the batteries.

    Declining batteries can contribute to the malfunction of the garage door.

    This will also manifest problems in other aspects of the door.

    It won’t only randomly open.

    Maybe the door will also close all of a sudden.

    This can still put harm on your way.

    Another scenario is your remote and garage doors having different settings.

    You can control your garage door through the remote.

    However, the garage door has a limit.

    Check your remote and fix it and then try opening or closing your doors again.

    Also, check your wall button.

    If there’s anything making it click, it might be the reason your garage door opens.

    Keep that part of your wall clear from anything.

    Obstructions and distraction in the sensor’s sight

    If there is something along the door’s way, then the door stays open.

    Objects tend to trigger the safety mechanism of the garage door.

    Garage doors have safety protocols.

    This includes staying randomly open because of distractions along its path.

    For this, clear out any debris or object in the sight of the garage door.

    Check the sides of the door.

    Maybe a broom or a metal slab is along that way.

    Maybe the back of your car is too close to the garage door.

    Maybe this is why your garage door opens from time to time.

    The LED sensors trigger a reverse mechanism that keeps that door up.

    For this concern, call your technician to fix the sensors.

    We are happy to assist you and give you the repair service you need.

    The garage door isn’t well-maintained

    When you don’t maintain your door, the parts become built up with use.

    Cables, springs, tracks and other parts need regular maintenance to function smoothly.

    Since a garage door is a whole system of its own, one part affects the other.

    The garage door works like a well-oiled machine with constant lubrication and adjustment.

    If your garage door suddenly opens, check all the parts.

    Maybe there is something in the spring that keeps it up.

    This usually happens when the spring and the cables don’t work well together.

    The spring is an important part of the garage door system.

    Any minor or small damage can affect how the entire garage door works.

    Also check for loose screws, weathered panels or aging cables.

    These little things will build-up to the time where your garage door doesn’t work anymore.

    Call Overhead Door Pros Edmonton for your garage door!

    Overhead Door Pros Edmonton offers you various services for your garage door.

    We take pride in giving only the best work to your garage door.

    Are your issues around a garage door that opens randomly? Call us for your garage door check-up.

    We will inspect your garage for this issue.

    You don’t need to worry.

    If you are tight on budget, you don’t need a brand-new model immediately.

    All we need to do is check it out and give it the work it needs.

    Our services include the following too:

    • Garage Door Spring Replacement
    • Garage Door Repair in Edmonton
    • Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Don’t be wary about your garage doors.

    We will help you with issues similar here.

    Give us a call and book your next job with us.

    We are available all the time.

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