How To Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage

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    How To Prevent Water From Entering Your Garage – Probably one of the worst nightmares that owners will encounter is returning home to a flood-filled garage.

    Imagine the mess that water damage causes; the essential things are doused and the floor to be cleaned after, the stinky moist smell, and many more horrible effects.

    The garage is prone to water invasion, especially after a heavy rain, because it is directly exposed to the house’s exterior.

    It is indeed a frustrating affair; therefore, it is best to come up with precautionary measures to prevent water from entering the garage.

    Usually, the water finds its way inside the garage through the small space left under the door.

    Other causes of flooding are the minor leaks typically found in corners.

    To ease these frustrations and to stop this dilemma, thankfully, there are ways to obviate the problems completely.

    Here are simple and straightforward solutions to prevent water from entering the garage.


    When it leaks inside the garage, check the seals immediately; it is the most common problem observed by overhead door specialists.

    Garage seals must be applied both in the door and the floor since it seeps in.

    It should have flexible enough seals to be extended from one side of the door to the other.

    With these applied, the door will fit snugly to the cement floor when it is closed.

    However, these seals deteriorate quickly.

    When it does, owners can reapply it by themselves or can ask assistance from overhead door experts.

    Generally, it needs to be replaced once a year.

    Do not worry; the seal reapplication is not that expensive.


    Another solution to prevent water from intruding is examining the soil grade.

    Check if the driveway’s perimeter and the actual driveway are on both levels; they must be balanced.

    Problems arise if the soil grade is higher on one side because the water will build up.

    To aid this, alter the landscape to allow the water to be redirected naturally.

    This is probably the least expensive solution, but it would take a tremendous amount of time and effort.


    Gutters are constructed around the house’s perimeters but tend to forget to include the

    garage’s overhead door.

    Owners should ensure that the garage has gutters to disable any water, whether it seeps under or falls from the roof.

    Install the gutters along the edges of the garage’s roof with downspouts.

    The attached downspouts will transfer the collected water from the roof to the ground.

    This solution is said to be the most effective, yet also the most expensive and time-consuming.

    Trench Drains

    The trench drain is another solution that is most likely suitable for certain types of homes.

    The trench drains’ role is to channel the collected water elsewhere, preventing it from draining through the door.

    Owners who are determined and have the skills can build their trench drain.

    First, cut a narrow trench in the concrete of both sides.

    Once the concrete is poured around the channel’s top, fit an iron grate to stop things (aside from water) from falling.

    This is seen as a practical solution, but it is high maintenance.

    The iron grate needs to be removed most of the time to remove any debris stuck in it because the water will eventually build up if not.

    It is necessary to do it so that the channel will not get too clogged, making the trench ineffective.

    Garage Floors

    If all the solutions have been ineffective, this is the last resort.

    However, this alternative is costly, unfortunately.

    It also requires human labor and materials, which adds up to the cost.

    If it is inevitable, changing the garage floor is the solution that needs to be done.

    Redo the garage floor if there are any damages that seals cannot cover.

    This initiative is with no doubts effective because the owners have control over it.

    Ensure to make the new floor raised higher than the ground foundation.

    With this, there is no way for the water to seep under the door.

    Ask assistance from overhead door companies

    There are services available in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, St. Albert, and Fort Saskatchewan for plans of waterproofing or overhead door repairs.

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