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    Overhead Coiling Doors

    The most important factors to consider in buying or replacing your garage doors are the security it provides and its durability.

    The type of garage door that fits these qualifications is the overhead coiling doors, commonly known as roll-up garage doors.

    As you can observe, most of the commercial buildings that are in an urban city have this type of garage doors because of their qualities.

    Roll-up doors may have an old-fashioned look but it could withstand heavy usage for decades, depending on its material and regular maintenance.

    If you’re staying low key, this type of garage door must be right for you.

    How does Overhead Coiling Doors operate?

    Common roll-up garage doors consist of horizontal sheets of steel, but they run vertically.

    The sheets coil up and eventually rest near the garage ceiling.

    This could be operated manually (push and pull) or automatically (motorized) depending on what type of overhead coiling garage door you’d want to install.


    Security: The roll-up door is more secure than a sectional door because of its material composition. The sturdiness of the steel sheets will secure your valuable items. Also, its compact installation does not give entry points for intruders who want to break-in.

    Heat and Cold-resistance: In Edmonton, the winter season is frigid with its temperature at 23°F to 83°F. However, you can insulate a roll-up steel door to provide resistance to harsh weather conditions and ensure that the materials from it will not corrode easily and last longer.

    Allocate much less space: Space for its headroom is all you need to allocate for the rolled-up sheets of steel. Because of this, it takes much less space than the other types.

    Easy to operate: You can open or close your garage door through manually or automatically. To manually open or close the roll-up door simply pull the red string to push or pull the roll-up door easily and pull it again to lock the door. For the automatic operation, simply push the button to operate the motor which drives the steel sheets to be rolled up.

    Lots of materials to choose from

    You can choose any kind of available material that you’d want on your roll-up garage door. But the most known types are steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

    Steel – is a material known for its sturdiness. It has low maintenance costs and can be insulated to have greater heat and cold resistance. But still, it can be at risk of denting from cars and other impacts, and corrosion due to weather changes.

    Wood – is the best choice if you’re saving up your money. It is good for aesthetic purposes which bring a light and warm feeling to your place.

    However, wood roll-up doors will experience deformation such as warps and cracks as time goes by and the effects of weather.

    In such cases, you will need to treat the wood material again by painting.

    Maintaining its good condition comes with a greater cost than that of steel.

    Aluminum – Its distinct qualities are its weight and corrosion resistance. It is the most lightweight amongst the four common materials and could withstand through time and harsh weather. It also has high elasticity which makes it hard to be dented. The only downside of this material is it costs much more than the three materials.

    Fiberglass – is also a material that is just like the aluminum but can be easily dented, even more than steel.


    Rolling up the garage door takes longer to open and close in emergencies.


    It is suggested that the professionals should do the installation of the overhead coiling doors.

    Since it tends to be tedious for an inexperienced person and will require a minimum of two people.

    The work requires above average mechanical skills, understands the mechanical terms and follows the instructions given by the installation manual while observing safety.

    The main material to be used in this installation is really heavy and can pose certain risk factors.

    Ask for Assistance

    Remember, there is always an easy way, and it’s the professionals’ job to help you.

    Overhead Door Pros is only one call away and is always available for service 24/7. Just call (587) 804-2072.

    We offer installation and repair services in Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

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