Cleaning And Inspecting A Garage Door Photo Eye

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    Cleaning And Inspecting A Garage Door Photo Eye

    The photo-eye of the overhead door is part of the automatic opener’s system that allows it to identify whether an object is on its way when closing.

    It is closely related to the sensors that detect such obstacles on the path.

    It is also part of the overhead door’s safety feature where it allows the door to stop and auto-reverse once it detects a person or an object blocking its operation.

    Nevertheless, a part of the technology it is also vulnerable to damages and problems that can be caused by various internal or external forces.

    That is why it is imperative that people take a look at their photo-eyes once in a while.

    Why clean and inspect it?

    Homeowners install automatic overhead doors for a number of reasons.

    Its primary purpose is for the security of the whole household.

    It also adds to the overall appeal.

    However, problems with the overhead door often spring from the openers, particularly with the photo-eye.

    Once the issue with the photo-eye arises, closing and opening the garage may be a huge problem.

    It might be behind the issue of the overhead door closing and immediately going back up again.

    To prevent further problems, cleaning and inspecting photo-eyes should be done once in a while as part of the maintenance.

    Here are some tips on how to perform such actions.

    1. Check if the auto-reverse feature works

    As mentioned previously, photo-eyes are behind the mechanism of the auto-reverse feature of the opener.

    If the photo-eye is fine, the door should reverse without a problem once it detects something blocking its way.

    The overhead door needs to be activated first by hitting its transmitter.

    A long object can be used in the face of the photo-eye and see if its beam sensors rightfully detect it.

    If it does, then the door should be able to reverse while closing.

    2. Check the alignment

    The photo-eyes should be aligned together in order to work properly.

    In that way, the beam sensors are placed correctly where it can accurately detect an object under the right location.

    There might be some instances where the beams are misaligned, and they incorrectly detect objects located at the side, thereby resulting in the door not closing.

    Make sure that each side of the beams is solid and is not flashing.

    If they are, there is a good chance that it is misaligned.

    The photo-eyes should also point directly at each other visually.

    3. Check the sensors

    One way to find out if the opener is working properly, along with its photo-eyes, is to check the sensors.

    Sensors are one of the most important safety features of the opener and are essential to the photo-eyes.

    Hence, if it refuses to work properly, the whole mechanism may appear off.

    If the sensors are out of alignment upon inspection, the door should not be able to close and may prevent itself from doing so if it is working properly.

    If not, there might be more issues surrounding the overhead door opener.

    4. Check the photo-eyes for dust or dirt

    The improper mechanism of the photo-eyes may be due to vast amounts of dust or dirt that have etched itself into the lenses.

    Inspect if they are dirty and clean the lenses if they are.

    It is also a good measure to wipe them off even if there are no visible specks of dirt in sight.

    A cloth with a soft texture as well as a mild cleaner, can be used to erase the dust and dirt.

    Cleaners should take care not to scratch the lenses while they are at it.

    5. Call an overhead door repair company

    If problems arise with the photo-eyes or if the cleaning does nothing to avert the crisis, consider calling for a service company.

    Repair technicians who specialize in fixing garage doors are more adept at handling things such as these and may even perform even much better than ordinary inspectors and cleaners.

    Residents in the areas of Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Beaumont need not worry about photo-eyes in their opener.

    Garage Door Pros can solve damages and problems, whether it be big or small.

    For repairs and an instant fix, call an overhead door repair company.

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