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Establishments such as groceries and warehouses need overhead doors to move the goods as part of the business operations.

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That is why an overhead door is critical to establishment operations. It secures the goods from theft and also has insulating properties to keep the goods in good condition.

However, an overhead door needs maintenance to ensure its seamlessly functioning at maximum efficiency.

If you begin to notice problems arising in your garage door, it will affect the business’s productivity.

Hence, you don’t have to suffer from a malfunctioning garage door anymore. Contact Garage Door Pros today to receive a commercial garage door repair in Edmonton.

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Whether your establishment is an auto repair shop or a distribution center, you need to ensure that your commercial garage door is in top condition at all times.

A fully-functional commercial garage door keeps your business operating around the clock since vehicles and goods continuously move in and out of the garage.

Thus, you need to maintain it at all times regularly. A faulty garage door disrupts your operation, and it can increase your expenses.

To prevent your garage door from damages, you can call Garage Door Pros to fix it for you.

We know you don’t have the time to fix a faulty garage door by yourself. That is why it is recommended that you leave the job to a garage door repair company.

With over 15 years serving the Edmonton community, we know how to deal with any types of garage doors- whether it’s a roll-up, fire, or commercial gate.

We also expertly fix any garage door problems from damaged parts to the broken opener.

What’s more, whether you call us even outside business hours, expect to receive our same-day garage door emergency service.

We don’t want to keep you waiting for hours and days because we know how essential your business operation is.

At the same time, we do the following overhead door repair for you:

  • Broken springs: Springs can affect the smooth operation of your garage door. If it shows signs of damage, call us right away to fix it for you.

Repairing or replacing a spring requires a highly-skilled technician to ensure safety and quality.

To prevent this from happening, regularly inspect your roller from to time. Lubricate your rollers as needed. However, if it is corroded or damaged, tap to a professional for a replacement.

  • Damaged Panels: Panels are part of the aesthetic façade of your garage door. However, it can be prone to damages and impacts.

Replace it immediately once you see signs of wear because it will no longer protect your garage door from external elements.

  • Misaligned tracks: Misaligned track causes your door to operate poorly, and it needs an overhead door replacement right away.

When to Call Us

If you’re wondering when is the time to call for a professional garage door repair in Edmonton, read these common indicators. When you happen to experience these issues, contact us, and we’ll do the repairs for you.

  • The garage door is not opening and closing.
  • The garage door is producing noise.
  • The garage door is shaking during the operation.
  • The garage door is sagging.
  • Damaged components and parts (springs, rollers, cables, opener, etc.)

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If you live in the provincial city of Edmonton, you probably know the importance of maintaining your commercial garage door. Regular maintenance for your garage door ensures it is in the best condition.

At Garage Door Pros, we prioritize our customer’s garage door needs around the clock. We ensure that we give the highest quality service that we can provide.

When you call us, we will immediately dispatch our highly-skilled personnel to ensure that we successfully do our job. We want to remain reliable and the number one choice of residents in Edmonton for garage door repairs.

If you ever need a commercial garage door repair in Edmonton, contact us now!

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