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    Garage Door Parts

    Having a garage lets you have enough space to store your belongings.

    Yet maintaining a useful and functional garage door is vital to secure your vehicle, items, and commodities.

    But how would you be able to maintain and fix your door if you don’t know its basic parts?

    Knowing your garage door is essential to identify and avoid impending problems easily.

    Being knowledgeable enough to your door lets you use it in full capacity rather than being anxious about whatever mechanism you did not know.

    So, to give you an idea of what is in your garage door, here are the Garage Door Parts you need to know.


    The garage door, also known as the door, is what mainly covers your garage.

    You can quickly identify the door among other components, as it is the most visible and largest part in a garage door system.

    It generally comes in sections of various sizes and can be made from steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl.

    However, most garage doors use steel as their primary material due to the cost, quality, and ease of maintenance.

    Garage Door Opener

    Garage door openers are responsible for operating the garage door assembly.

    This box attached from the ceiling lets your garage door open by giving a signal to lift the door by pressing a button on your remote.

    Rather than having a manual garage door, an automatic overhead door is popular in Edmonton.

    This can be of different brands composed of the same essential parts needed to set the mechanism in motion.

    Torsion Spring

    Garage door torsion springs are the metal coils found above your door.

    These springs mainly do the heavy lifting as it holds enough power to balance the door’s weight.

    Torsion springs are most commonly used in a garage door mechanism as they are thought to be significantly safer and last longer.

    When handling or fixing your garage door, springs can be hazardous.

    Be sure to contact an expert from a garage door repair company near you.

    Tube Shaft

    The tube shaft can also be identified as the torsion bar.

    It is the component that holds the torsion springs in place.

    This shaft allows the spring to function effectively.

    Tube shaft is applicable only for doors that make use of torsion springs.

    Otherwise, there is no need for this tube.


    Garage door cables help the springs lift your garage door assembly.

    It connects the door to the mechanism, as the bottom of each cable is attached at the bottom of the garage door, while the top links to the drum.

    With this set-up, when a command is being imposed, the mechanism responds and the cables let the door follow with it.


    Garage door drums are the pulley wheels attached at both ends of the tube shaft.

    These are mainly connected to the cables allowing it to move and maintain balance.

    These drums help stabilize the door.

    Track and Rollers

    Given the name, track serves as the path of your garage door as it opens close guiding it in the right direction.

    On the track, you can find the rollers which are the small wheels that allow the door to travel smoothly.

    When the mechanism is on, you can see that the rollers move along the inside of tracks keeping the garage door moving as you are opening it or closing.

    Keep in mind that having an off-track garage door is a common issue, so be sure to check your doors and seek immediate help to professionals regularly.

    Brackets and Hinges

    Brackets and hinges keep your garage door connected and intact.

    Brackets keep the rollers and cables in place and fastened to the sides.

    The hinges hold each panel of the door keeping them together.

    Also, a proper hinge installation lets your door have a smooth transition allowing door panels to fold.

    Safety Sensor

    As the name implies, safety sensors are designed to prevent garage door accidents.

    Garage doors are large and heavy, and you’ll probably don’t want your equipment or yourself to be weighed down by those.

    These two sensors are attached facing each other on each side of the wall at the bottom of the garage door opening.

    One sensor projects a beam of light into the other that serves as the sign that it is safe to close the door.

    Otherwise, if something is blocking the light or the second sensor is prevented from detecting it, then your garage door is unlikely to close.

    Be sure to regularly check that these sensors are functional to avoid accidents.

    Weather Seal

    We can classify weather seals as the bottom seal of all garage door assemblies.

    To effectively guard your commodities in your garage, a weather seal is attached on the bottom of the door.

    Weather seals fill the small gap between the door and the ground as you close it.

    Weather seals keep insects, rain, and snow from entering your garage, thus protecting your belongings from outside elements.

    Just like any other parts, this seal will wear out at some time.

    By that time, you will probably search for new seals here in Edmonton.

    Seek Help for your Garage Door

    Garage door installation and repair could be beyond your expertise.

    Knowing the Garage Door Parts lets you easily identify the issues but fixing it on your own could be a problem.

    Certain parts are not easy to handle and could be very dangerous for you to work on.

    Here in Edmonton, we can help you in your garage door problems.

    With over 15 years of expertise, we ensure you quality products and services when it comes to your garage door.

    Give us a call 24/7 at (587) 804-2072, or you can leave us an email, and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour of the appointment.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Parts. Besides “Garage Door Parts”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Overhead Door Pros Edmonton.

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