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The overhead garage door is an essential part of the house, considering it is the largest door.

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It secures the protection of the garage, its contents, the car, and the house itself by prohibiting thieves from entering the house since it is difficult to open manually.

To secure the house’s and family members’ safety, it is crucial to choose the most suitable overhead door.

Below, six types of overhead doors will be expounded to help homeowners pick the best choice for them, including additional knowledge about the necessary repairs that each type demands.

Types of Garage Doors

There are many different types available in the market, but the most common ones will be provided here.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up overhead doors or coiling doors are often seen in commercial establishments rather than the residential areas.

Thus, if the installation will take place in a commercial building, consider picking this type as it is the best option,

Why choose this?

First, this type is designed for garages with restricted ceiling space.

Second, this style circles a drum located above the opening door built on 2″-3″ steel slat sections.

Last, this type is guaranteed to withstand heavy usage.

Unlike the typical overhead doors with high tendencies of quickly wearing out, coiling doors have high-performance units.

This means that it can be built without springs, taking away the grave danger it possesses, along with avoiding rusting, corrosion, and freezing that typically happens to doors with springs.

However, since it is a heavy-duty quality, the upfront costs are higher than the typical types.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

The side-hinged overhead door uses the retro design, which some say is traditional since it is typically seen in large barn doors.

It swings open and closes from a frame that is hinged to both sides of the opener.

This type is usually made of wood, but there are also other styles, like the modern commercial-type galvanized steel.

If the overhead door will be installed in garages with limited headroom or any obstructions, then this is the best option.

Moreover, it has been more demanded recently since it is also classified as a classic door.

There are two selections available to install this: one that fits into the existing opener or pre-hung steel frames.

Also, take note that an upgrade for automation is plausible with special conversion arms.

Slide to the Side Doors

As indicated in its name, the slide to side doors operates by bending to one side and sitting parallel to the wall.

This type is considered to be the pioneering doors, initially designed for garages with little headroom.

It is flexible enough to function even with slight slopes in the ceiling or floor.

It runs along a lower trolley and does not require balancing springs to operate.

Moreover, it has a built-in retractable motor for those seeking an automated feature.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional overhead doors are considered the most popular type in the United States.

The reason behind this has to do with the panels.

This type is made up of panel sections that connect to hinges, which bend to follow the curved part of the rack that enables the door to lay parallel to the ground when opened.

When it operates, the wheels roll on a vertical track inside on each side of the opener.

Along with these, there are springs attached to cables.

These springs are responsible for the heavy lifting of the overhead door.

Steel is the most commonly used material, implying that sectional doors are low maintenance with lots of customization possibilities.

Moreover, it is often automated with remote control and can be upgraded to an insulated model.

Tilt-Up or Up and Over Canopy Doors

The tilt-up  or up and over canopy garage doors are similar to the side-hinged door, made up of a solid piece.

It functions through a pivot to tilt-up into the garage.

Then, it sits parallel to the ceiling and extends past the front when opened.

Garage Door Services in Sherwood Park

There are many overhead door services offered in Sherwood Park.

Suppose one is planning to install one of the types, scheduling for an appointment should be easy.

Moreover, garage door technicians are readily available when there is any need for fixing overhead door problems.

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