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If you’re a DIY freak, watch this video that explains step-by-step how to effectively weather strip your door.

It can be frustrating to see the dirt, water, or even rodent droppings infiltrate your garage. After all, a garage should keep your car and other belongings safe from these elements.

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These issues are likely due to your overhead door seal. Once it wears out, the large gaps and cracks can invite unwanted elements into your garage.

The first thing you should do is to weather-strip your garage door as it can wear down over time due to frequent use.

With this, it’s helpful to seek a garage door repair company to address your problems.

If you’re in Edmonton and don’t know how to fix the problems, seek help from Garage Door Pros.

We do all kinds of professional garage door repair in Edmonton, including the installment of garage door weather stripping.

We provide excellent quality services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction to our clients.

Our company also provides garage door emergency services around the clock.

All About Garage Door Weather Stripping in Edmonton

Weather-stripping is a process of using a long piece of material to seal the gaps at the sides and bottom part of your garage door. The process must also ensure that the seal should fit the door frame.

It prevents flooding or even creatures from entering your garage. A garage door won‘t fully protect your belongings and your vehicle without sealing the sides and bottom of it.

It also ensures proper insulation in your home. It can cool the air in your garage during the summer months while keeping the rain and water from entering during the winter season.

However, it can wear down since it is exposed to garage door movement and external elements. Thus, replace it once you see signs of damage.

Types of Weather Stripping

Before you head out to replace your seal, it’s essential to know the different weather-stripping types according to your overhead door type and concerns.

Bottom Seal

A bottom seal is a long piece of vinyl or rubber attached to the garage door‘s bottom edge. It seals the gap to keep the flood, cold temperature, and dirt from entering.

It also comes with an angle edge type to seal the front of the floor and the door for wood garage doors. For metal garage doors, use a U-shaped rubber gasket.

Whatever your garage door type material is, it’s best to seek a professional to know what type of weather stripping you need.

Threshold seal

Unlike a bottom seal, the threshold seal is attached to the floor instead of on a door. It prevents water from entering, especially if the driveway outside your house slopes down to your garage door.

However, as it may be useful in blocking the water and other elements from outside, it can also be challenging to sweep out from the inside.

Consult a professional if you consider buying this type of weather-strip.

Garage Door Stop Weather-stripping

Water or dirt can also enter along the top and sides of the garage door. With this, using an overhead door stop weather-stripping prevents these elements from entering

Vinyl Door Stop with Weather-strip

This is an excellent option for old and damaged door stops that needs replacement as it is durable enough to protect your garage from external elements.

It is made of vinyl with a wood-looking molding strip along with a flexible weather-seal flange. To install it, cut the seal with a saw and fasten it along the door jamb’s sides with stainless steel nails.

Panel Weather-stripping

if you have old wooden doors with flat-edged panels, use this type of weather-strip to seal the gaps between the door panels.

It is an effective seal which acts like weather stripping on a standard house door. Once you close the door upon installing it, the panels will press against the weather stripping to make it useful.

Also, it is self-adhesive, as you can stick it to the bottom of each panel’s top edge.

DIY vs. Professional

A garage door weather-strip installation can be a fast and straightforward task for professionals. Weather-stripping must be perfectly aligned along the sides of the door to become effective.

However, it can be quite challenging if you do it yourself. You need to acquire the right tools and experience which professionals have.

If you attempt to do it yourself without prior experience in weather stripping, issues may arise, and it can make your door off track. It can add to your expenses as a result because you’re risking your garage door for another repair when it’s damaged.

If you’re living in the prosperous provincial city of Edmonton, call Garage Door Pros to install it for you.

We will cater to your concerns regarding garage door weather stripping in Edmonton or any overhead door repair concerns.

With over 15 years of expertise in overhead doors, we have a team of certified technicians to address your garage door repair concerns.

We make sure to prove 100% customer satisfaction and quality service you need. Call us now and witness how we do our job!

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