How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

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    How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

    A garage, much like other rooms, is an essential part of your house.

    Not only do you use it to park your car, but it also serves as a storage room for your valuables and equipment.

    In Edmonton, it’s typical to find an overhead garage door in every residence.

    You either see children playing on garage driveways, adults crafting things, sharing a beer, or even making sales inside their garage.

    That is why it is quite disturbing whenever you have a noisy garage door.

    The annoyance that the problem gives to you may result in unpleasant experiences and can eventually leave your garage door unusable.

    If your garage door shows signs of excessive noise when used, then it is best to contact experts to fix it immediately.

    However, if you don’t feel the need to, then here are some ways to help effectively fix the rattling noise it makes:

    Lubricate the door:

    One way of maintaining your garage door’s smooth operation is by lubricating it.

    If it does make a squeaking noise, then you need to lubricate it promptly.

    Not only will you get rid of its squeaking noise, but it also helps prolong its lifespan.

    Make sure it is lubricated every six months; apply it on the metal parts of the door and its corners.

    Tighten loose parts:

    If your overhead garage door consistently produces a frustrating noise, then you might want to look out for loose nuts, bolts, screws, or rollers.

    Tightening these bolts will not only get rid of all the noise but will also prevent accidents as it secures your components back into place.

    If it is still not working then asking for a professional’s help can go a long way in fixing your noisy garage door.

    Replace the rollers:

    If lubricating and tightening isn’t the answer to your noisy door, then you might want to consider replacing the rollers.

    These rollers are prone to rust and wear out quickly if not maintained properly. Replacing it with a new one will get rid of the problem.

    You can also replace the metal rollers with nylon rollers, these may be expensive, but the quality is good and will provide a noiseless door.

    Replace the Hinges:

    Hinges are indispensable pieces of a garage door.

    Just like any components of your overhead door, it quickly wears out if not well maintained.

    Always check if any of the screws are either loosened on the hinges or are damaged.

    If so, then we recommend replacing it with a new one to fix the problem.

    Replace Your Garage Door Opener:

    In most cases, the reason behind a noisy garage door is a faulty garage door opener that needs immediate repairs or replacement.

    If it’s the latter, then make sure to call Overhead Garage Door Pros garage door experts to ensure quality services.

    Here is a detailed video on how to install a new door opener.

    Replace Your Garage Door Rubber Seal:

    Garage doors have metal strips on it; these metallic surfaces will add more noise when they slide against each other during operation.

    Replacing this with rubber may solve the problem.

    Besides, rubber seals are more weather- and damage-resistant, durable, and are resistant to rust.

    Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Noisy:

    Loose parts:

    Parts of the overhead door can get loose, such as roller, hinges, nuts, bolts, and chains.

    The roller and hinges can cause nuisance wobbling when using the garage door.

    At the same time, and loose nuts, chains, and bolts may cause a rattling noise due to the vibration.

    Poor lubrication:

    When operating the door, friction is present, thus making the noise.

    For maximum efficiency, lubrication of some parts of the door, especially worn rollers and loose chains are needed.

    The absence of this may result in a noisy garage door.

    Unbalanced door:

    When this occurs, it’s highly possible that the tension coming from the spring is too much, resulting in straining the opener.

    An unbalanced door may result in the snapping of strings or causing the permanent failure of the entire mechanism.

    Improper installation of garage door parts:

    One major reason behind the number of noises could be due to faulty installation of the door or its parts.

    These results to difficulties in operating the door- it may be closing or stopping halfway through.

    Hire a Professional.

    If you had tried all the said key points, but haven’t reached the desired outcome.

    Then hiring a garage door expert is your only choice.

    There are possibilities of having defects that only professionals can recognize and diagnose with either fixing or replacement.

    However, to ensure quality services, an experienced and well-known service provider is needed.

    Overhead Garage Door Pros in Edmonton are always ready to help and provide the desired outcome.

    Call us now at (587) 804-2072 to get the expert service your garage door requires.

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