Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception

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Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception – Automatic garage door openers are remote-controlled systems that rely on signal and reception to receive commands.

Hence, a good range is needed for the remote control system to match the automatic opener well.

Today’s garage doors are advanced enough that it has deviated away from the usual manual operation of opening and closing doors.

Technology has made things more comfortable, but lapses frequently occur as well.

If the remote control is not working correctly with the door and refusing to do its bidding, there is a good chance that it is due to problems in range or often.

What can one do:

  • Check the batteries
  • Replace the batteries

If the problem persists with the batteries all checked or replaced, it is highly likely that the problem lies with the reception.

Quick fixes can be done to improve the opener’s reception. Here are five tips for increasing it:

1. Utilize the remote’s maximum distance

The remote and garage door range is typically based on several factors based on the building’s makeup where the garage is built or located.

In the usual sense, remotes can receive and send a signal to the automatic opener’s internal receiver for at least four to five vehicle lengths away in the distance.

This allows homeowners or drivers to operate the door using the remote as soon as the car arrives in the driveway –

providing maximum assistance to homeowners – as part of the safety function that prevents the user from opening or closing the door when the distance is too much for secure operation.

The distance is designed to prevent any injury while limiting the frequencies as well.

In a broader sense, the receiver in the garage opener can only receive one signal at a time.

Therefore, any device or technology in the garage that emits a signal will not interfere with the remote that is in the same frequency.

2. Scan for any interference

One of the best ways to improve an opener’s reception is to check for any interference around the garage.

Most of the time, the signal is low and more vulnerable to disruption because of unnecessary interference in the area.

Openers can only receive one signal, but if any of the electrical components reach the frequency first, they are more likely to cause trouble with the reception such as cable TVs, LED lighting, freezers, etc.

A thorough check must be done on these devices and those that utilize timers such as sprinkler systems, lights, and alarms.

It is easy to tell when these components are causing the issues with the range.

If the issue only arises once in a while, then they might be responsible for it.

3. Alter the Remote’s Frequency to -310 MHz 315 MHz 390 MHz

To ensure no more interruptions from any components happen in the house, changing the remote’s frequency can help.

All one needs to do is learn a remote’s frequency by looking at the manual and finding out how to change the mechanism’s electrical frequency.

If unsure about it, one can opt to call Garage Door Pros for quick garage door services such as this.

4. Add an antenna extension

Nothing can go wrong with installing an antenna extension to increase the reception.

With this, operating the door even with a considerable distance, according to the extensions’ provisions, is possible.

Different types of antennas can be used, but for a professional opinion and installation.

5. Move the antenna

For the simplest solution, relocating the antenna to a new place far away from any interference and interruption may solve reception problems.

Moving the antenna is easy enough to do but maybe complicated for regular homeowners.

Asking an expert to do this would be the best course of action, as this helps ensure one’s safety from dangerous activity.

If problems with the reception persist, one should reach out to a garage door service company that willingly does the repairs for one’s convenience.

Doing it on one’s own may be dangerous and can lead to more problems.

Garage Door Pros offer safe services and are professionally made.

We are available at Northwest Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Glastonbury or Leduc and all areas surrounding Edmonton.

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