Why Is My Garage Door Not Working?!

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working – There are over a million reasons why the garage door will not open.

As the main used entrance and exit in the average residential home, the garage entryway is prone to wear and tear.

Consequently, an overhead door is bound to have functional concerns now and then.

Most problems generally arise in the winter when power outages occur, and homeowners in Canada are all too familiar with such complications.

When a garage door is not working accordingly, the root of the problem could be from many different sources.

In the case that a garage door does not open, either by remote or manually, it would be best to call for a specialist to identify and fix the problem.

Although some problems can be fixed with DIY efforts, calling for a technician is always the best option to avoid misdiagnosing the problem and possibly causing more damage to the door.

However, it is also essential to know the reasons why a garage door is malfunctioning as homeowners to avoid doing anything that could worsen the problem.

Below are the common reasons why a garage door stops working:

The Transmitters Are Dead

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working – When the batteries inside the transmitters run out of juice or start to age, the transmitter stops sending signals for the garage door to open or close.

When the garage door does not work using the transmitter, it would be best to first check the mounted wall button inside the garage.

If the garage door works, the transmitter simply needs its batteries replaced with new ones.

The Photo-Eyes Are Dirty or Out of Alignment

These photo-eye sensors transmit an invisible signal toward each other that recognizes if anything is within the overhead’s doorway when it closes.

This safety feature stops the automatic garage door from closing when someone or something is disrupting the signal, thus preventing any injuries or damages to properties.

If the garage door opens with no problems but does not close using the transmitter, then it would be best to assume that the problem lies with the photo-eyes.

The next step would be to visually investigate the sensors to look for any misalignments or dirt on the photo-eyes themselves.

On the one hand, one or both of the photo-eyes can get dirty, thus preventing the sending of signals to each other, which automatically stops the garage door from closing.

On the other hand, the sensors could be misaligned, meaning the signals they send are not received by the other, which could count as the signals being disrupted, thus preventing the door from closing.

To fix this issue, gently wipe the photo-eyes with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or call technicians to re-align the sensors.

The Track Is Not Coordinated

The garage door’s tracks should be aligned, or else severe issues could arise.

The metal track the door runs on ought to be adjusted appropriately for the door to move smoothly.

In case there are visible gaps around the rollers and rails or bends within the rails themselves, then these issues need repairing soon.

If not fixed quickly, then the door’s overwhelming weight will add to these issues and worsen the condition of the whole garage door system.

To know whether there are problems with the tracks, it would be best to observe the door during operation.

If the door is shaky, squeaky in specific positions, or changes speed throughout its travel, then there could be problems with the tracks.

To fix this issue, it would be best to call for a professional to check the whole garage door system and give an accurate diagnosis.

The Springs Are Broken

If all of a sudden, the garage door does not go up even if the motor is working, then there is a possibility that the issue lies with the springs.

Springs exert the most effort when it comes to lifting the door’s weight, and when springs are damaged, the door becomes too heavy to lift or function.

Damaged springs can either have gaps between the coils or can violently break apart with a loud bang.

When these issues are observed, it is highly advised to call for a technician to fix the springs as do-it-yourself fixes are dangerous in this situation.

We hope this helps you with Why Is My Garage Door Not Working

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