Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need To Know

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage doors are continuously being produced by garage door companies to provide homeowners exceptional quality and functionality for another upgrade of the household.

Another plausible reason as to why most people have become so interested in buying overhead doors is because of it being such an excellent long-time investment.

However, only picturing the overhead door as a massive door that provides extra security for the house and ignoring maintenance can be irresponsible.

Always keeping an extra eye on the status of the various parts of the overhead door, such as the springs, can help in preventing further damages and defects on the overhead door.

Everyone can agree that coming to a stuck up overhead door after a long and tiring day can be quite tedious, and one of the possible causes of why that happens is because of a broken spring.

When encountering a problem such as a broken spring door, the expected action to do would be calling the nearest garage door repair to have it fixed or to apply a DIY repair to prevent spending cash.

The two choices above are both counted as the right things to do but, before doing so, below are some of the significant things that one needs to know about overhead door spring repair.

Be knowledgeable on the various types of overhead door springs

Springs are one of the essential parts of overhead doors.

These tools help make the overhead door open and close motion for homeowners to get their vehicles out of the garage or just to get some air and sunlight in the room.

It’s always an excellent addition to one’s knowledge of overhead doors to identify the different types of springs that make up an entire overhead door.

Extension Springs

Extension springs have a long and thin structure that is easily noticeable by being paralleled by the overhead door’s horizontal tracks found on the ceiling above the door opener.

Moreover, these extension springs store a lot of energy upon stretching out once the overhead door moves.

Torsion Springs

Another type of overhead spring is the torsion springs, and they come in around fours.

It can vary on the packaging since its purpose is to support and withstand the weight and strength of the overhead door.

Torsion springs differ from extension springs because of their purpose and appearance.

The springs are broad and come along with aluminum drums found on the end of the metal shafts of the overhead door’s opening.

Don’t attempt to do DIY repairs on broken springs

Some might think that one of the quickest ways to fix broken springs on overhead doors is to apply DIY repairs—this is true but also not recommended.

Doing repairs on broken overhead springs must be handled with caution and care.

The process of fixing can either go smooth or absolute wreckage, depending on whether the process of repair done by a professional is a success and the type of springs are needed careful attention.

Replacements on extension springs can be an easy fix; however, this doesn’t change the fact that there are risks that could happen by applying DIY repair onto it, such as garage doors falling apart and minor injury caused by rusty springs.

Torsion Springs, on the other hand, is much more of a hazard compared to extension springs.

These types of springs support the weight and strength of the overhead door, which means that the amount of stored tension in torsion springs can cause major mishaps, including death when not being too careful.

When in doubt, call the professional

When it comes to handling a defective overhead door caused by a broken spring, it’s always better to let a professional handle it.

There have been numerous records gathered by locale hospitals around Edmonton connected to overhead door accidents, and it’s because of failed repair attempts.

Garage door repair companies have lots of services available for professional overhead repair and also give out reasonable prices that are worthy of the cash spending.

Calling a professional also prevents homeowners from going through the stress and risks that can happen when thinking of doing a DIY repair.

For further transactions, there are many local garage door repairs also available in Southeast Edmonton, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont and Fort Saskatchewan that can handle broken overhead door springs as soon as possible.

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