Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

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    Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

    Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers – Garage door rollers play an essential function in the overall usability of the garage door system.

    If even one roller gets damaged, it could affect all the other moving parts and throw the whole system off balance, leading to further damage and imminent system malfunction.

    Garage door rollers are considered as one of the most vital pieces in the entire garage system.

    That is why it is of central importance to fix damaged overhead door rollers right away to avoid further damage to the overhead door.

    Many factors, such as inferior quality materials, an improperly built door, and garage door rollers that are irregularly serviced and maintained, can lead to imminent damage.

    If any irregularities on the function of the overhead is observed, damaged rollers are usually reckoned to be the cause.

    There are cheap ways to solve these problems.

    Here are some tips and tricks to repair overhead doors.

    Damaged Rollers

    Sometimes, due to wear-and-tear, rollers will fail.

    Since rollers are expected to have a lifespan of just a few years, it is essential to check the condition of the rollers regularly.

    If the garage door makes an unusual sound or if it simply refuses to open or close, this might be because of damaged rollers.

    When this happens, replacing the old rollers might be the best way to have them working again.

    All Bolts and Nuts Must Be Tight

    Loose bolts and nuts might be the reason why the garage door is malfunctioning.

    The door can get derailed from the tracks; the hinges and rollers are not functioning as to how it should be because of the loose bolts and nuts.

    Check every nook and cranny and ensure all nuts and bolts are locked tight.

    This is one of the easiest and cheapest repairs for the overhead door.

    Only essential garage tools are needed for this job, and it will not cost a lot of time to complete this.

    Inspect Every Hinge and Roller on the System

    Hinges and rollers usually come together in a garage door system.

    So it is vital to check it for damages and loose connections as it may be why the overhead door is malfunctioning.

    Many rollers come with uncovered bearings that can be prone to external damages from the elements.

    These uncovered bearings can malfunction that will cause overall instability to the entire garage door system.

    These damaged bearings can cause the garage door to start wobbling and, in turn, will cause damage to the tracks.

    It will also cause the overhead door to be derailed from the tracks that will cause it to be unusable.

    Inspect  Garage Door Springs

    If the overhead door utilizes torsion springs attached to the header, do not ever try to fix the garage door rollers because the brackets attached to these are under continuous tension.

    Trying to replace the bottom rollers can be a safety hazard.

    Always ask help from a professional garage door repairman to repair the springs.

    How to Repair Garage Door Rollers

    Here is a step by step procedure of fixing an overhead garage door manually.

    The materials needed are:

    • New garage door rollers
    • Pliers
    • Prybar
    • Clamp
    • Flathead screwdriver
    1. Begin by completely opening the overhead door.
    2. Put the clamp on the track about two-thirds of the way up the garage door opening.
    3. Remove the garage door from the motorized opener using the release rope.
    4. Do not forget to unplug the motor from the outlet for added safety.
    5. Use the pliers to bend open the track near the top slightly.
    6. Arrange the roller in line with the small opening.
    7. Pry the old roller out of the track and remove it.
    8. Place a new roller and put it back on the track.
    9. Roll down the door to the next roller and repeat the process as the first one.
    10. When four rollers have already been replaced, you will notice that the top roller will be challenging to remove because it will not line up with the track opening.
    11. Re-bend the track to alignment and open the door all the way.

    Repair Service and Periodic Maintenance

    Every component like the hinge, roller, and springs on the overhead garage door must always be checked periodically.

    These subcomponents are vital to make sure that the garage door will function smoothly and without fail.

    If fixing these doors deemed too difficult, consult a professional before trying to repair these mechanical moving parts.

    If an inexperienced person attempted to repair it the wrong way, it can lead to further damages to the entire system, or worse, impose a hazardous situation on others.

    Garage door repair services are available in Edmonton, Leduc, Stony Plain and more.

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