Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Overhead Door Springs

Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Overhead Door Springs

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Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Overhead Door Springs

Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Overhead Door Springs – An overhead door is expected to last for 15 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

However, since it is used daily, regular inspections are highly recommended to reach its lifespan, mainly that these doors heavily rely on its springs.

Due to daily usage, springs are deeply affected.

The springs function as one of the essential parts of the door, and contrary to popular belief, are responsible for the heavy lifting instead of the metal doors themselves.

They wear out quickly, which would demand necessary replacements.

When these springs break, contact a specialist immediately to avoid further complications.

Owners should take note that do-it-yourself repairs are not encouraged because it is gravely dangerous.

In this post, the common signs of broken springs will be listed and elaborated.

Signs of Broken Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are vital parts of the door.

They are the mainsprings for which the extension springs will greatly depend on to function.

Should it break, a garage door’s movements are completely halted, worse the door itself ripped from its hinges.

Here are the signs of broken torsion springs:

1. The door is only halfway open

If the door does not open fully, it is most likely a sign of broken torsion springs.

Since they do the heavy lifting, there is no way that it would not open unless they are broken.

To avoid further complications, let the door opener force the sensitivity system to stop it from having contacts with the motor.

2. The door feels too heavy

Overhead doors are designed to be lightweight.

It will only feel heavy if there is an issue with the door—broken springs, for example.

Since torsion springs support the door’s weight, it would have a hard time doing the job when broken.

3. The top section of the door has dents

If this occurs, allow the door sensitivity system to stop the motor from pulling the door open, even if it may result in scratches.

This is due to the door’s considerable weight, and the impact of the friction will produce dents, usually in the top section of the door.

4. There is a gap in the spring

The torsion spring system is built with one or two tightly wound springs located on the door’s topmost portion.

If there are any gaps observed, the springs could be broken.

5. There are loud noises

Whenever unusual loud noises are heard, such as banging, it might concern the springs.

When the spring breaks, a lot of energy is released that immediately converts to noise.

6. The door abruptly falls

When the door opens in its usual way but closes at an alarming speed, accompanied by a loud banging, there is no doubt that the torsion springs are broken.

The springs are connected to the whole; the parts work collectively; therefore, other parts will not function best if one spring is broken.

Signs of Broken Extension Springs

The second type of springs is the extension springs, which are responsible for assisting the torsion springs.

If these springs are broken, it would definitely affect the torsion springs’ functionality.

Here are the signs:

1. The door moves in a jerky manner

This is the most common sign when the extension springs are broken.

Two extension springs are located on each side of the door; thus, when one breaks, the latter is affected, making the door produce a jerky sound and movement.

2. The door is crooked

Another common sign is when the door looks crooked.

When one side fails, meaning the other has no support, which leads to a crooked-looking door.

3. The cable is hanging down

Probably the most obvious sign is the cable’s visibility.

Should it be seen hanging down from the door, the springs are most likely to have snapped.

It is very noticeable because a smooth overhead door has no overlapping wires or cables.

Contact an overhead door specialist

These are the signs of faulty torsion and extension springs.

Signs that are highly noticeable to garage door owners, and when spotted, can spur them into action.

Therefore, it is highly advised that when springs are broken, the best port of call would be to contact an overhead door specialist immediately.

Please take note that it is never advisable to do DIY fixing because it poses a grave danger.

Let the experts in this field do the job.

Companies that offer such services run aplenty in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Calgary, St. Albert, and Leduc, so homeowners with similar plights need not worry.

One can always arrange an appointment with these companies for plans of installation, maintenance, overhead door repairs, and inspections in their homes.

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