Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

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    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Owning a commercial place in a busy city like Edmonton might be overwhelming.

    Security is your topmost priority to keep your merchandise and commodities away from being stolen or damaged.

    A quality garage door is what you need to keep your things and your business secured.

    And without a doubt, Steel Roll-up Sheet Doors is the best choice for any kind of commercial building because of its durability, security and insulation properties.

    But however strong the steel commercial garage door is, without proper care, time will come it will fail and break itself from rust and mechanical stress.

    You don’t want to buy another garage door, do you? Well, in this post, we will discuss the simple steps you can take in how to take care of your steel roll-up garage door.

    Benefits of maintaining your commercial garage doors

    Commercial or Residential, we need to take care of and maintain our garage doors because:

    We Use it Frequently

    Steel commercial roll-up doors have their life cycle. Its parts will eventually wear due to mechanical stress.

    An aluminum or steel garage door could last for 20 years or more, and its torsion spring only works for 10,000 to 20,000 cycles.

    One cycle consists of one opening and closing of the installed garage door.

    It promotes safety

    If a garage door fails, it could bring harm to your employees and your products. So, if possible, you should prevent garage door failure.

    And there’s no better way of doing that than having a consistent garage doors maintenance schedule.

    It saves you time and money in the long run.

    This means that always cleaning and maintaining garage doors can prevent potential problems to arise or worsen.

    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors Maintenance

    Having a garage door maintenance schedule is a must if you want to optimize the use of your steel commercial roll-up door.

    Wash Your Door

    During the rainy season, you might want to consider that rust and dust accumulate to the parts of your door even to the narrow tracks of your garage door.

    Because of this, cleaning your garage door every month should be sufficient.

    Use a rag and a cleaning detergent diluted in water to remove the dirt first.

    Then, apply rust remover wax to the areas affected by rust.

    Scrub the door lightly with a household steel wool pad and rinse it with water afterwards.

    Eliminate Rust and Common Scratches

    You can remove stains or scratches left by rust by sanding it with sandpaper.

    Before doing this, you should have washed your garage door.

    After sanding, brush off the small debris that came from your sanding.

    Rewash your garage door with a rag and detergent solution.

    Apply Primer and Repaint your door

    It would be best to apply protective primer and repaint your door after cleaning and scrubbing away the rust.

    But before painting, check if there is rust build-up on holes and dents in the steel door.

    If you found rust and dents, apply epoxy-based composite directly onto the surface.

    You can use primers that are appropriate for steel materials, such as rust converters and galvanized metal primers.

    Lubricate All Contacts and Moving Parts

    Overhead Garage Door Pros recommend lubricating all of your garage’s metallic moving parts at least twice a year.

    Areas where idlers, bearings, nylon rollers and extension springs are located, should not be included in oiling.

    Refer to your garage manual to get the best information on what type of oil you should use and how to use it.

    However, synthetic motor oil is ideal for this task.


    If you don’t want to compromise your safety, you should always be responsible for taking care of your garage doors.

    Garage doors may be tough, but it isn’t invulnerable to wear and rust.

    If you notice some problems with your garage door, you should contact your trusted garage door repair company to fix the problem immediately, rather than waiting for it to get worse.

    If you’re living here in Edmonton, you can call us anytime.

    Overhead Door Pros is only one call away and is always available for service 24/7.

    Just call (587) 804-2072.

    We offer installation and repair services in Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

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