Should You Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model?

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    Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

    Nowadays, automatic overhead doors are most commonly used in homes and business establishments.

    Manual overhead doors are long overdue and are no longer recommended by manufacturers due to its manual and outdated mechanisms.

    This post was created to convince and assure owners who are still using manual overhead doors to repair and upgrade them.

    Automatic doors are undeniably more convenient with lots of advantages.

    Automatic Garage Doors Features

    Here are the reasons why the shift should be done.

    Provided here are the benefits of upgrading the manual overhead door to an automatic model.

    Do not miss out on these exciting features!

    Safety and Security

    The very purpose of overhead doors is to protect the garage and the belongings inside.

    The automatic model can ensure that.

    It guarantees safety and security.

    It includes photoelectric eyes to prevent the door from closing if any obstructions are laying in the doorway.

    In case there is a child or a pet or an object, it will not be harmed since the door can recognize the presence.

    Moreover, it has a timer to allow it to shut promptly after five to 10 minutes of inactivity.

    It also comes along with a remote and a rolling code which makes it secure.

    The codes are only shared with trusted members and are refreshed every time to avoid any thieves to know about it.

    On the side note, owners should remember never to purchase used or second-hand automatic overhead doors because it has higher risks of security tendencies.


    Manual overhead doors are already left behind.

    Most houses are now equipped with automatic doors because it well complements the design.

    Aside from its convenience, there is no doubt that the automatic model is more appealing.

    In addition to this, it can adapt to a variety of colors and allows customization to increase its appearance.

    Battery Backup

    Automatic overhead doors rely on electricity to operate.

    This might probably be the downfall of automatic doors since the manual model does not require power.

    However, there is no need to worry.

    In case of a power outage, this model has a battery backup for convenience.

    Smart Features

    This is probably the best feature that automatic doors offer.

    As indicated in its name, automatic overhead doors are smart because of their convenient openers.

    Various opener devices are available in the market that enables owners to access their garages using a smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

    Through an app, owners can now open the door by navigating it.

    Another option is the built-in button and remote controls.

    With this upgrade, safety and security will be enhanced—improved convenience indeed.

    Noise Levels

    While manual doors produce loud noises upon lifting and lowering, the automatic model has a sound but not delivered in an irritating way.

    The noise level of the automatic model is average; it does not screech or grumble.

    However, the horsepower might be bothersome.

    To aid this problem, opt for a belt-driven low horsepower.

    Downfalls of Automatic Garage Doors

    Like any other models, there are also downfalls.

    The disadvantages will be elaborated not to discourage but to inform.

    Possessing this knowledge will prepare owners for further circumstances.


    Unlike manual overhead doors, the automatic model takes a long time to install.

    It is complex and has many parts that need to be set up carefully and correctly.

    Also, it is more costly than a manual door installation, considering its complexity.

    Still, the expenses and time are all worth it after the completion, for convenience will be enjoyed.


    Aside from installation costs, it is high maintenance.

    It demands regular checkups done by technicians since engaging in DIY projects to fix overhead doors are highly discouraged.

    To add, it only works with electricity; therefore, it adds up to the overall electric bill.

    Call for Garage Door Technicians

    Now that the features and disadvantages of automatic overhead and garage doors are mentioned, owners can decide whether to consider this upgrade or not.

    It is highly recommended to do so for increased convenience.

    There are many overhead door companies with skilled technicians to ask for assistance for installation and any cases of a problem.

    They offer overhead door fixing, installation, maintenance, and inspections.

    There are garage door repair services available in Glastonbury, Northwest Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert and the whole wide Edmonton area.

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