What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track?

What's Wrong With Your Garage Door Track

What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track – The overhead door comes with a track that supports the parts for the overall operation.

If the track is damaged, the door will not work at its best, which might result in damaging it ultimately.

To avoid further repairs and replacements, get to know the reasons behind a malfunctioning door track.

The operator is not connected to power

Before panicking whether the overhead door is damaged, check the power source first.

Sometimes, the reason behind a malfunction is the loss of power connection.

The funny thing is that owners might have forgotten to plug the cord, or it has been abrupted.

To add, this happening most likely occurs because of a faulty outlet.

Ensure that the cord is plugged correctly to determine if it is the reason behind this circumstance.

Also, try to plug it in another outlet if it still does not work.

Checking the wires might help too.

However, if the problem relies on the power, the operator might have a broken circuit or a blown fuse.

If the issue has become more severe, a professional must be called for assistance.

There are broken torsion and/or extension springs

When the springs are broken, the door will not budge—it will not open because they cannot fully carry on with their primary task.

The springs are responsible for lifting the door, running horizontally over the width and along the tracks.

This is the most common yet worst issue observed in most garages.

Broken springs are dangerous to be dealt lightly; thus, it would be best to contact a technician immediately once observed.

This is a common problem because springs are used with tremendous effort every day.

When it reaches the limit of cycles, the springs will snap abruptly; therefore, it will demand replacements.

There is no way for owners not to notice this when they are at home because it produces a loud sound resembling a gunshot or a firecracker.

In any case, please do not attempt to do a DIY fix.

Do not manually activate the door if high chances of broken springs are observed.

Let the professionals handle the issue.

The transmitters have expired batteries or don’t function anymore

A transmitter with expired batteries is, in an obvious way, will not function.

The activation of the overhead door requires power access at both ends.

Thus, if one is obstructed, then the latter will be affected.

To determine if the remote is the problem, check the transmission receiver.

Manually push the button and see if the door activates.

If it does, the issue is indeed the remote, probably with dead batteries.

Remote signals are blocked

Typically, dead batteries are the reason why the remote is not working.

Sometimes, there are tendencies of signal blockage.

The reason is most likely the distance; it might be out of range.

Another possibility is the obstructed or damaged opener, disallowing the antenna to receive a signal.

Therefore, if the door still will not budge after replacing batteries, the reason is the remote antenna.

Try to inspect it for any traces of dirt.

Also, upon pressing the button, make sure that it is directly pointed toward the door.

Still, if nothing works after trying these remedies, it might be time to hire a technician to diagnose the issue.

The door tracks are misaligned

What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track – The parts greatly responsible for the lifting and lowering of the door are the springs and cables.

The cables do the job while the springs bear the tension.

However, these two functions are now possible without the metal tracks.

The metal tracks are located on top of the door that keeps it in line.

It guides the door for a smooth operation.

Thus, the tracks must be placed in a straight position and well-balanced on both sides.

If the tracks become ajar even in the slightest manner, the movement of the door becomes slow.

Moreover, it might bend, resulting in the unequal distribution of the force and pressure.

In this instance, the problem will be doubled, for both sides are affected.

Owners will hear a squeaking sound as the rollers reach the affected areas.

If observed, contact a professional in the possible time because the longer this issue is experienced, the greater the stress for the door.

There are repair services dedicated to overhead and garage doors in Leduc, Glastonbury, Beaumont, and Edmonton.

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