Why Do Overhead Door Springs Break?

Why Do Overhead Door Springs Break

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Why Do Overhead Door Springs Break?

Why Do Overhead Door Springs Break? It’s not all the time that homeowners would find the time to give their overhead doors the proper maintenance since other things in the household

are given more attention to than the reliable heavy-duty door opener.

Low maintenance on taking care of the overhead door can cause the machinery to become defective in the long run,

especially when it comes to its significant parts such as the springs.

Overhead door springs do the hard work of doing the opening and closing motion of door openers for homeowners to get

the vehicle out for work and protect the stored items inside from outside factors such as weather, theft, etc.

However, once the overhead door begins to act funny, such as getting stuck halfway and not shutting down entirely,

then there might be a problem going on in the springs.

How would one be able to identify the reason behind overhead door springs breaking apart?

Below are some of the reasons why and how overhead door springs break, and how one can prevent them in the future.

Ignoring the difference and purpose of overhead springs

Overhead doors come with essential parts, and these are two types of overhead door springs.

These springs help homeowners activate the function of opening and closing with full convenience while trying to get out of the house

on their vehicles or bringing sunlight into the garage.

It is always wise for homeowners to be knowledgeable about the different springs that make the overhead door work.

These are called the extension and torsion springs, and both have a different purpose in supporting the overhead door.

Extension springs are easily noticeable by its structure, which is long and thin.

This type of spring is parallel beside the horizontal tracks of the overhead door.

Moreover, the purpose of the extension spring is to store energy that could lift the overhead door to move

Extension springs have a long and thin structure that is easily noticeable by being paralleled by the

overhead door’s horizontal tracks found on the ceiling above the door opener.

Additionally, the torsion springs are slightly different since the primary purpose of the torsion spring is to store tension.

This type of overhead door spring supports and withstands the weight and power of the overhead door,

and extends once the overhead door is making the closing and opening motion.

Moreover, continuing to be ignorant about these springs can lead to more confusion when an overhead door problem arises.

Abusing the overhead door’s wear and tear cycle

One of the most common issues on why overhead springs break is the wear and tear cycle.

The springs of overhead doors have a cycle that is engineered to last up to 10,000 cycles,

and it can lessen as homeowners consistently use the overhead door as it opens and closes.

Homeowners should not use the garage door as the “front door” when it comes to entering the household regularly,

since this can add up to the wear and tear cycle of the springs.

Moreover, abusing the wear and tear cycle of the overhead door springs can also cause rust on the springs,

which can also be another reason the springs fall apart.

Most torsion springs have a wear and tear cycle of 20,000, but it’s also vital to pay attention to the excessive usage of the overhead door so that it won’t come to the point of being neglected and abused due to over-usage.

Not calling a professional technician to handle the situation

Some homeowners tend to avoid transacting with professionals because they believe that it would just be a huge waste of money

and that the matter can be solved independently — when,

in fact, it is the most efficient and safest method.

Local hospitals around the area of Sherwood Park have had records of multiple accidents caused by failed overhead door repairs, and these incidents are mainly because of trying to repair a broken spring

Calling a professional also prevents homeowners from going through the stress and risks that can happen when it comes to replacing a broken overhead door spring or getting the service for proper maintenance.

For further transactions, there are many local garage door repairs available in Red Deer, Regina, and Leduc that can fix cases such as broken overhead door springs.

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