All You Need To Know About A Garage Door Tune-up

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    Garage Door Tune-up

    The overhead door is subject to daily use.

    With frequent usage, the working parts are prone to wear and tear.

    Since the components work collectively, if one gets damaged, the overall operation is hindered.

    This factor alone is the very reason why the overhead door demands for a tune-up.

    It is a necessary measure that responsible owners must take to ensure the overhead door’s operation, quality, and longevity.

    Tune-Up The Garage Door Regularly

    Like lubrication and maintenance, tune-ups should be done on a regular basis.

    It is highly recommended to do it once every six months.

    As mentioned, the parts work all the time, resulting in wear and tear, which are not always visible.

    Without any warning, the parts might already be overworked, posing grave dangers of many forms.

    With a tune-up, owners will be notified once these defects are identified.

    Benefits of Regular Garage Door Tune-Ups

    They say that “Prevention is better than cure.”

    This quote applies to overhead doors.

    A preventative measure is one reason that owners should remember to enhance the quality and extend an overhead door’s lifespan.

    Please take note that this maintenance is not advisable for unqualified people who lack the knowledge and skills.

    Only the overhead door specialists are advised to do it since they have the skills and knowledge on how to do it correctly.

    During a tune-up, the technician will examine the parts like screws and hinges, especially the essential components bound to wear out quickly: the springs.

    Moreover, regular tune-ups avoid the possibility of replacing the overhead door because the quality is already enhanced; therefore, it is known to withstand more potent external factors.

    Usually, it will only take replacement of simple parts or regular tune-ups, which is way less expensive than the overall replacement.

    Also, it increases the lifespan of the overhead door.

    Since the parts are maintained, the components (especially those that take a lot of pressure) become more durable.

    Thus, the owner’s investments will be taken care of by the regular tune-ups ultimately.

    Furthermore, it guarantees the safety of the members residing in the house.

    Without tune-ups, the parts might weaken over time, resulting in the door falling without warnings.

    Any issues of opener malfunctioning harm the family, so it is necessary to schedule regular tune-ups.

    The state and local municipalities require this to ensure the safety of the family members.

    How is it done?

    The parts are too dangerous for the owners to handle because they can crack and chip anytime, which is why skilled people must do it.

    The overhead inspectors’ job is to evaluate the components’ functionality.

    They will examine the parts and identify if any are loose or subject to wear and tear.

    The technicians will also do lubrication if necessary.

    With regular tune-ups, the overhead door is expected to last 10 to 30 years.

    Five Signs of Wear and Tear

    These are the five signs of wear and tear that implies the need for a tune-up.

    If these signs are observed, call an overhead door technician immediately to avoid further issues.

    1 Grinding or Scraping Noises

    This sign is very noticeable.

    If there are any unfamiliar noises are heard, the parts are most probably malfunctioning.

    2 Hindered Operation

    Another common sign is the unsteadiness of the door when it is lifted.

    If the door shudders or jerks, the tracks, hinges, or bolts are not functioning correctly.

    3 Worn Rollers

    If the rollers are chipped, cracked, or worn down, it might be damaged.

    An inspection will determine if it should be replaced; in most cases, it is.

    4 Worn Out Weather stripping

    Check the weather stripping on the bottom of the door.

    If it is broken or a little brittle, allow a technician to replace it immediately.

    5 Bent Tracks

    This problem is out of control; therefore, assistance from a technician is required.

    It would avoid the possibility of it being stuck once addressed quickly.

    Contact an Garage Door Inspector

    There are overhead door companies in Beaumont, Southeast Edmonton, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan, or Beaumont that one may look into for tune-ups.

    Other services included in their offerings are overhead door repairs, maintenance, inspections, lubrication, and many more.

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