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    Looking For an Expert Garage Door Repair Company?

    If you’re looking for a way to increase your house’s value, one way to go about it is to consider a new garage door installation. Especially if you have an old garage door, installing a new door can be tempting, but it could also be impractical.

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    Most garage owners would rather have a garage door repair service. High-quality and reliable garage door repair can make your garage door as good as new. It can also improve the operation of your door at a lower cost.

    If you encounter problems with your garage door, you should hire a technician to assess the issue and fix it. Professional technicians can instantly pinpoint the source of the problem and provide a sustainable solution for it.

    You can rely on Overhead Door Pros when it comes to garage door repair, installation, and maintenance. We have a team of highly skilled professional garage door technicians who will finish the job promptly and correctly.

    If you need any garage door repair service, don’t hesitate to call us. We are open 24/7 for efficient and reliable garage door repair service.

    Book with us today, and experience the work of professionals!

    Bent Tracks Repair

    Due to overuse, your garage door tracks can bend or misalign and cause your door rollers to go out of their tracks. This garage door issue will get worse over time and cause injuries if left untreated.

    If you notice that your garage door tracks are out of shape, call a garage door technician to fix your bent tracks immediately. A professional garage door repairman is capable of fixing any defect on your rollers and tracks.

    Additionally, an expert technician will also clear your tracks of any debris that may impede the smooth operation of your garage door.

    Broken Garage Door Opener Repair

    If you have a broken garage door opener, don’t try to fix it by yourself and call for a repairman to fix your opener. This kind of garage door issue calls for a professional garage door technician with years of experience in dealing with various garage door opener problems.

    First, your technician will determine the origin of the problem by checking the motor, electrical connections, wireless remote or keypad, sensors, and other components. And then, they will fix the issue so you can go back to using your automatic garage door.

    Faulty Garage Door Springs Repair

    It is natural for garage door springs to suffer from wear and tear over time. You may notice corrosion or signs of wear on your springs when it’s more than ten years old. After that, your springs are at risk of breaking.

    It’s dangerous to continue operating your garage door with a broken spring system. The total weight of your garage door could come crashing on you when your springs snap.

    If this happens to you, don’t try to fix it yourself and call for a garage door technician. Professional repairmen will replace your garage door springs with the correct ones. They will also ensure the quality of your springs as well as the correctness of spring installation.

    Broken Garage Door Panel Repair And Replacement

    If you have a damaged garage door, you have three options to deal with it: whole door replacement, panel replacement, or panel repair.

    If your garage door is relatively new, about ten years or less, you could hire a professional technician to repair simple dents and scratches. For severe damages, however, you should consider replacing the afflicted panels.

    On the other hand, if your door is old, about 20 years or more, you need to replace it already. Similarly, if your door model is discontinued, you may not be able to find a panel replacement for it; and so a new garage door installation is necessary.

    24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

    We understand the stress of having a garage door that malfunctions or doesn’t function at all. But, don’t worry because we’re just a call away. If you have any garage door issues, call us immediately to resolve your garage door problem expertly.

    Contact us anytime if you need a garage door repair service. We are glad to deploy our technicians to take your garage door repair tasks from you. So take the day off, and let our team handle every step of the garage door repair process.

    Book with us today for an efficient and reliable garage door repair service. Call us now.

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