Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening

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    Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening

    Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening – The overhead door’s ability to lift itself is executed due to the cables’ functionality.

    Along with the tracks and springs, the cables are responsible for the door’s opening and closing mechanism.

    There are two types of cables found in most overhead doors.

    First, the cables that assist the springs in the lifting process.

    Second, the safety cables to prevent injuries in case of an emergency concerning the springs.

    The first type, the lifting cables, connect the springs to the door.

    On the other hand, the pulleys, which the cables run on, transfer the spring’s energy for a successful operation.

    Therefore, if the cables broke, there are tendencies of an uneven door, which will eventually lead to the failure of other system components, hampering the overall operation of the garage door.

    Snapped Cables

    The lifting cables are always engaged with the door’s operation.

    Due to everyday use, sometimes the pressure and friction can become too much to handle.

    This winding and unwinding routine results in the cable fraying, wearing, and tearing.

    The steel cable is also exposed to outdoor factors like cold, heat, and moisture, especially during winter and summer seasons.

    Its exposure to these factors causes corrosion, which further leads to the weakening of the cable over time.

    Moreover, the tiniest tendency of misalignment brings enormous stress on the cable.

    A misaligned door causes the cable to rub on other parts of the door it should not be in contact with, accelerating more coiling.

    Checking Snapped Cables

    A lot of reasons are possible that cause the cables to snap, and below are some indicators that the cables need to be replaced.

    The door is difficult to open

    Although the motor is working fine, owners should not be complacent.

    If this difficulty is observed, a broken spring or cable might be the reason.

    Loose hanging wires

    A loose hanging wire is a sign of a damaged door.

    Immediately check the wires with caution to determine if they are concerned with the cables.

    If yes, contact a professional to solve the issue.

    The cables are probably extremely frayed due to a snapping incident.

    Preventing Cables from Breaking

    The best solution to fend off the unexpected dangerous snapping of the cables is to schedule regular checkups from trusted overhead door companies as part of the maintenance.

    This incident will most likely be avoided if a technician is securing the state of the components.

    Experts can ensure that the parts are not fraying and can immediately replace them if necessary.

    Reasons Behind Snapped Cables

    Here are seven reasons why cables snap unprecedentedly.

    Failure of the photo-eye sensors

    This feature is for safety purposes that modern garage doors are equipped with.

    There is a beam of light shining across the door’s opening.

    If this beam is broken, the door stops, possibly leading to a collision with the car.

    During this encounter, the state of the cables is worsened.

    Check this feature periodically to prevent this from happening in the future.

    Broken or mismatched springs

    As mentioned, the cables work together with the springs; therefore, the cables will be affected if the springs are broken.

    Alternatively, the other reason could be caused by mismatched springs.

    Installing the wrong spring hampers the collective work of the parts responsible for the lifting mechanism.

    When this happens, the torsion spring will create a loud banging sound.

    Mismatched cables

    The placement of the cables must be accurately done.

    This issue often occurs when an unqualified person attempts to fix the door.

    Most likely, the parts become disorganized during a DIY repair.

    If the case is not concerned with the cables, it would still lead to mismatching because of the improper installation that prompts it.

    Clogged Tracks

    Remember to clean the tracks always because elements tend to build up and get stuck there.

    The choked dirt and debris can cause the cable to dismantle from the drum.

    Also, it increases the pressure of the motor, forcing the cables to work harder than usual.

    Call an Garage Door Specialist

    Cables must be taken care of as part of proper maintenance that owners should practice.

    For overhead door repairs like snapped cables, call a specialist in Southeast Edmonton, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

    Other services are also offered like weather-stripping, tune-ups, and installation.

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