Childproof Your Garage Door In Edmonton

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    Childproof Your Garage Door In Edmonton

    Childproof Your Garage Door In Edmonton

    The garage door is such an important asset in one’s home.

    Providing convenience, home value, and curb appeal are just one of many things it can offer.

    However, all these things come with significant responsibility for homeowners.

    One of the basic rules when owning an overhead door is making sure anyone who comes in contact with it stays safe.

    This rule is especially important when kids are living in the household.

    The best way to keep them safe from harm is by being aware of the potential hazards the garage door can bring.

    Below are some tips to help owners childproof their overhead doors.

    Set Boundaries

    The garage is not a suitable place to wander and play around in, and children should know this.

    When opening or closing the garage door, it is essential to know the whereabouts of the children.

    Additionally, it would help to double-check and ensure that none of the children’s belongings stays in the door’s closing path.

    Educate children and inform them that the garage door is a potentially dangerous object that can cause them harm.

    Furthermore, it is advised to be a good role model by following the same safety measures as taught to them.

    Keep Little Hands Away From the Remote

    Anything that moves can be highly appealing for a child — and that especially includes the garage door.

    Homeowners should keep the remotes out of reach to keep children from playing with it.

    Doing so will not only ensure that they are not able to open the overhead doors without anyone’s knowledge, but will also keep them safely inside the house and keep them from getting injured by the door or any outdoor hazards.

    Explain to them that the remote is not a toy and that they should keep their hands off of it.

    Do Safety Checks

    All overhead doors installed after 1993 come with safety features that will help ensure the safety of everyone living in the household.

    Despite the efficiency of these mechanisms, one should continue to conduct safety checks now and then.

    The door’s automatic reverse system can be easily tested by placing an object underneath its closing path.

    If it successfully detects the object and immediately reverses, then there is nothing wrong with this feature; if it does otherwise, immediately have a professional service the door.

    Furthermore, make certain of the cleanliness of the door’s sensors as this can affect the efficiency of the safety mechanisms as well.

    Install Door Locks

    Sometimes, it’s best not to underestimate what little hands can do.

    Installing door locks can help ensure that the door stays shut even if children press the wall-mounted control button —

    something which they shouldn’t be able to reach in the first place anyway.

    These locks can be installed on either the inside and the outside of the door, depending on the homeowner’s needs.

    Fortunately, several childproof door lock systems in the market can easily be purchased if they’re extra serious about keeping their overhead doors safe for little kids.

    Have Damaged Doors Repaired ASAP

    Anyone living a busy life can be guilty of leaving the garage door go a little too long without doing any preventive maintenance.

    If there are any issues, may it be as minor as the door producing creaking sounds or strange vibrations, it’s best to call a garage door technician over to have a look.

    Prolonging the repair of one’s overhead door can be dangerous, as these minor issues can worsen over time if gone unnoticed.

    A well-maintained door does not only provide convenience to its owners, but it also ensures that it does not become a safety hazard to anyone in the household, especially to vulnerable little children.

    Trust Only Reputable Door Brands

    The best way for anyone to make sure that their overhead doors keep working the way it should be is by purchasing a quality garage door from a trusted brand right from the start.

    Reputable brands deliver their talk and provide their customers with durable doors that will less likely become a hazard for anyone.

    Moreover, trusting a dependable garage door repair company will help put anyone at ease when it comes to tackling any door issues.

    For residents in Edmonton having door issues, a quick call to the local service specialist will help fix any overhead door problem.

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