Cleaning And Lubricating Garage Door Hinges, Rollers, And Track

Cleaning And Lubricating Garage Door Hinges

Taking great care of an object’s internal mechanisms is essential to its overall operation.

It makes the item function more effectively and smoothly, fulfilling its main job in order to serve its owner/s.

The number one rule in maintenance is cleaning the object or appliance thoroughly and handling it with the utmost care.

It holds true for the case of garage doors.

Maintaining overhead doors can go a long way for its life span and may even prevent future problems from arising.

The lubrication of garage door components is imperative, for this allows the maintenance of its foundation and functionality.

Furthermore, it can also keep the inevitable wears at bay.

The door’s hinges, rollers, and track are some of the essential parts of the whole garage’s system.

It allows the overhead doors to function smoothly when it opens or closes.

Time and other forces may take its toll on these parts, and so to prolong its life span and service, cleaning and lubrication should be done.

Cleaning out the mechanisms inside the overhead doors is better than attempting to fix it.

Here are some tips on how to better care for these parts.

Cleaning of the Tracks

Tracks should be cleaned every after four months or less to prevent dust and debris from building up inside its corners.

To clean it, the internal channel located in the track should be wiped using a damp cloth or a clean rag.

While the door is closed, make sure to scrub the upper sections of the guide track.

The lower sections should be wiped clean as well, and the door should be open while doing so.

With this, the rollers will be kept from blocking the cleaner’s access to the channel of the track.

Cleaning the tracks will prevent it from causing any noise when the garage door is in operation.

Furthermore, it will save it from wearing in the future.

Cleaning of the Hinges

Cleaning the dirt of the hinges is relatively easy, much like how the tracks are handled.

A damp cloth is the only thing needed to wipe off any dust and dirt that has attached themselves to the hinges.

Check to see if there are any small bits of debris that might be blocking and causing the noisy racket of the hinges and get rid of them.

Cleaning of the Rollers

There are different types of rollers and the way to clean them may vary according to its parts.

In general, the rollers are cleaned by removing them from the door’s system.

This can be done by using tools such as a flat screwdriver, vice grips for locking, and a wrench set, if necessary, depending on the door’s type.

For plastic rollers, they are created in such a way that is not designed for cleaning but, rather, for replacements.

Metal rollers with metal hinges require more cleaning than the others.

However, if the plastic ones have exposed bearings, the cleaning can be done by wiping and taking off any excess dirt on the metal hinges.

Lubrication of the Tracks

To lubricate the track for an overhead door, homeowners should clear the garage for any important items first, such as vehicles.

Inspecting the rollers for any wearing should also be done and be replaced if there are any.

A garage door repair company may be more adept at doing this kind of job.

A spray disk cleaner can be used to clear the tracks of any dirt or dust, and simple manpower can easily get rid of any debris.

A simple lubricating formula should do the trick.

Lubrication of the Hinges

Lubricating the hinges is far easier than others.

Available lubricants in hardware can be used to strengthen its foundation and protect it from wearing.

Lubrication of the Rollers

Roller lubrication should be done with precision and safety.

The rollers should be removed first.

This, in turn, makes it easy to lubricate after taking them out.

However, do not lubricate plastic rollers.

This is because lubricants are mainly designed for metal types.

Should problems arise further or there are noticeable issues while cleaning, call for an overhead door repair company immediately.

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