Commercial Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service

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    Commercial Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service

    Commercial Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service

    Employees and suppliers regularly come into contact with your garage door. The garage door ensures that goods and vehicles can leave and enter the premises.

    Hence, your garage door needs regular maintenance to prevent undisrupted operation in your building. It can also save you money and ensure the longevity of your garage.

    Besides, it’s a hassle if you don’t do regular maintenance on your overhead door. Your overhead door is susceptible to significant repairs which you need an overhead door repairman to do the job for you.

    Thus, your garage door deserves attention from time to time. This prevents your goods and vehicle exposed to intruders, external conditions, and other elements.

    Reasons Why You Need Maintenance

    You should perform regular maintenance to inspect your commercial overhead door from time to time. In this way, it stays in optimal working condition while avoiding time-consuming and costly repairs.

    If you conduct regular maintenance for your garage door, you expect:

    1. Cost-Saving: Tune-ups and maintenance prevent your garage door from damages, which requires significant repairs. Hence, it is best to conduct maintenance regularly since it’s also less expensive than repairing or replacing your entire door.
    2. Safety: Preventive maintenance allows your overhead door to function at its best. It allows for the smooth operation of your business. It also prevents failure on the garage door components to avoid injuries and accidents to the employees.
    3. Longer life: If you don’t maintain your commercial garage door, the parts and components will wear out. A commercial garage door lasts for many years, so make sure to do regular inspections and tune-ups to extend its life.
    4. Avoid Major Repairs: Let’s be real. Repairs usually call for additional expenses, which should be minimized in a business.

    Regular maintenance helps to lessen overhead door repair and make sure your overhead door is working properly.

    Simple maintenance such as lubricating the parts is a wise step to prevent encountering major failures on your garage door.

    1. Keeps your components in perfect condition: The garage door has cables and springs. Consider checking it regularly because these parts are prone to garage door repair and can be difficult to repair yourself.

    If issues are unaddressed, it can cascade to more problems, affecting the other parts of your garage door.

    Maintenance Tips

    If you’re convinced of the benefits the maintenance can give to your garage door, it’s time to do the following steps. You can also contact a garage door repair company in Edmonton to receive a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance service.

    1. Check the balance

    If your commercial garage door uses an automatic opener, do these steps to test your door’s balance:

    • Close the door and unplug the opener.
    • Manually lift the door. The door must lift smoothly and uniformly and should remain open.

    On the other hand, your door could be imbalanced if it is difficult to open or does not remain open. Ask help from a professional garage door repairman to check it immediately. Garage Door Pros will be happy to assist you.

    1. Visually inspect your garage door

    Close the overhead door while you are inside the garage. Check the springs, rollers, and cables if they are worn-out or show signs of damage.

    Also, check the wires, hinges, and other parts if it’s looking good. If you see the other way around, then call a professional for a repair.

    Damages often start from small issues, which you can check by conducting a visual inspection of your garage door.

    1. Lubricate the moving parts

    Lubricate the parts such as metallic-type rollers to ensure a smooth operation on your overhead door.

    Read the manual beforehand to see which lubricating product is preferable and how to do it.

    1. Test the Reversing Mechanism

    To test the mechanism, place a 2×4 wood on the floor in front of the garage door’s path.

    If the door does not reverse upon coming in contact with the wood, then the automatic reversing mechanism needs a replacement. Tap for a garage door repair company to inspect the issue.

    Call Garage Door Pros for Regular Maintenance

    You should conduct overhead door maintenance monthly to every six months, depending on the type of maintenance your garage door needs.

    Maintaining by yourself is recommended, but you can also ask professionals to conduct a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance service.

    You can tap with Garage Door Pros to conduct the maintenance for you. When you work with us, we will know how frequently your garage door needs maintenance.

    However, if your garage door starts to malfunction, we can provide a garage door repair for you.

    Contact Garage Door Pros for a consultation and reserve a schedule with us!

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