Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

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    Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

    Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair

    Garage doors give homeowners a certain sense of safety and security that not all doors can provide.

    Unlike the other entrances in the house, garage doors have the responsibility to heighten the security and ensure that the valuable things kept in the garage are stored and kept safely.

    They also provide proper insulation that is beneficial not just to those who are frequently in the garage, but also the whole building, thus reducing costs on air conditioning.

    However, although both perform the same function inherent to all overhead doors, commercial and residential garage doors differ in types and quality.

    For one, residential garage doors are kept to add value and security to the property, whereas commercial ones guard more than one room and have more height compared to the other one.

    Nevertheless, both are possible targets of damages and issues, just like any other type of doors.

    Residents living in Edmonton should be able to tell the difference between commercial and residential garage door repairs to know which one is best to request for in times of difficulty.

    Here are common differences between the two types of overhead doors in terms of repairs:


    Perhaps the most common difference between the two is the size.

    Residential garage doors typically tower not more than seven feet in length; however shorter and taller versions are available to fit measurements in properties.

    Commercial ones, on the other hand, require taller doors for loading and unloading products or supplies.

    Of course, homes can employ either kind if the design and makeup are appropriate.

    However, between the two, commercial doors are typically more expensive.

    When considering repairs, it is essential to take a look at the door’s size and build and see if the company can handle the size of the garage door.

    Moreover, size matters as it can be double the work and price if it is taller than most doors that a service company usually repairs.


    Both types of overhead doors have corresponding materials that are unique to their system.

    Either can be made from contrasting materials and will differ when it comes to the kind of repair it needs and should employ.

    Wooden garage doors are typically found in residential areas as they fit the setting more than in commercial spaces.

    However, although they are very common, they are less durable.

    For this reason, commercial businesses employ steel and aluminum ones that are not only strong and durable but also require less maintenance than the others.

    Other residential types of door materials include glass, fiberglass, and composites.

    Indeed, repairs and maintenance are different for each of these.

    For instance, steel and aluminum commercial overhead doors can always employ a lubricant for its maintenance and repairs in terms of old parts and wearing components.

    Wooden garage doors, on the other hand, may need more than that.

    The quality of the material certainly makes a massive dent in the repairs.

    For the kind of repairs that are needed for a garage door, whether it be commercial or residential, it should be identified based on the type of material the door is made out of.


    The mechanism behind commercial and residential garage doors may differ.

    In turn, the kind of attention in the aspect of repair and replacement may also vary.

    Spring and motor systems in the opener can be different depending on the necessity in the area.

    The kind of hardware that each of them needs depends on the requirement for a more powerful and efficient mechanism.

    For commercial types, they will need more efficiency because commercial garages stash expensive supplies and products that will significantly affect the business after incidents of theft.

    Fixes in the hardware significantly affect the kind of repair it requires, mainly because experts will need to identify the right tools and branding for replacements.

    Whether it be for commercial or residential overhead doors, repair companies can be easily reached by people living in Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park or Beaumont.

    Do not hesitate to call for help in times of malfunctions.

    For overhead garage door repairs, trust only a good company.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair in Edmonton. Besides “Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair in Edmonton”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Edmonton Pros.

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