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    Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Edmonton

    Life in a city like Edmonton means that you have to rely on many convenient appliances and technology to save on time.

    While Overhead Garage Doors may not be the first thing you will be grateful for, it plays an important role in keeping your garage and its contents safe.

    However, like any other mechanism, garage doors eventually wear down from time and repeated use.

    And like many homeowners, you may often ignore your worn garage doors until it finally breaks down on you.

    By then, the damages to your garage door would be more severe and extensive.

    You would then have to spend more money on repairs and replacements.

    This is an issue that could be easily avoided if you do routine maintenance on your overhead garage doors.

    Scheduled maintenance for your garage door goes a long way in keeping it functional and problem-free.

    Furthermore, you can spot developing problems and prevent them from becoming worse.

    Here are handy tips for a Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Edmonton.

    A Word of Caution

    The garage door mechanism has components that are too dangerous to handle for inexperienced persons.

    Any components that have a warning label on them should not be handled on your own.

    Call (587) 804-2072 if these components are in need of repair or replacement.

    Clean Your Garage Door’s Parts

    Keeping your garage door clean is a big help in keeping it functional.

    Dust and dirt build-up can hinder your garage door from operating smoothly and can be the source of an issue when left for too long.

    An old toothbrush and a bucket of water are all you need for this task.

    Look for spots of dust and dirt and gently wash them off.

    Pay special attention to the door tracks where dirt builds up can restrict your garage door’s smooth movements.

    Be careful in cleaning your garage door and avoid agitating components or you may end up causing a mechanical issue yourself.

    Grease Your Garage Door’s Components

    Some of the components in your garage door’s mechanism, such as the openers’ screws and chains, need to be lubricated to keep working smoothly.

    Lubricate these parts with grease to keep their operation smooth and their working lifespan longer.

    But first, check your owner’s manual for which parts to lubricate since your garage door’s model may not require them to be lubricated.

    Also, check for what type of grease is recommended since the type of metal those parts are made of may react badly to the grease you have on hand.

    Tighten Your Garage Door’s Components

    Repeated use of your garage door eventually loosens some components, particularly bolts and nuts.

    Look for loosened up components and tighten them up using a wrench.

    You can also screw some components more tightly if they are prone to loosening up.

    Check Your Garage Door’s Balance

    Your overhead garage door needs to have good balance to avoid straining the mechanism’s other components.

    Do a balance test on your garage door to check if it is properly balanced.

    Open the overhead door about halfway and let go.

    A well-balanced garage door would stay in place.

    If the door falls, the spring may need more tension.

    On the other hand, if it rises back up, the springs may be under too much tension.

    Call your trusted garage door technician if you’re inexperienced in handling garage springs, especially torsion springs.

    Inspect Your Garage Door’s Parts For Wear

    Your garage door routine maintenance is a perfect time to look for worn parts that need repairs.

    Check the garage cables and look for fraying or broken strands.

    Examine the tracks and rollers and see if anything is bent or broken.

    Determine which parts may need repair and what needs to be replaced so any issues in your overhead garage door’s mechanism will be dealt with before they become worse.

    There are more things you can do to keep your garage doors in shape.

    Check out this video of a Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Edmonton.

    Call An experienced technician to help with your Garage Doors

    While Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance is great for your garage doors, there’s still no better aid for your garage door than getting expert technicians in Edmonton.

    We are always available to serve and our experienced technicians are always ready to help, even at the oddest hours of the day.

    Call us now at (587) 804-2072 to get the expert service your garage door requires.

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