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    Garage Door Moving Slow

    Garage doors can last decades with good maintenance.

    However, good maintenance cannot stop the garage door from aging nor sudden circumstances causing the door to suddenly malfunction.

    Garage door technology has evolved throughout the years, and parts of the door need to be changed and maintained to keep it in shape.

    Despite doing these things, it does not lessen the chances of the door encountering problems.

    Several problems can cause your garage door to start moving slow.

    Some of which have an easy fix.

    However, there are complex issues that are best left for professionals to handle.

    These doors, on average, weigh about 250 to 400 pounds.

    It can be a safety hazard to anyone inexperienced or those who do not have the special tools required for handling the issues your garage door has.

    Here are some problems as to why your garage door is moving slow.

    Dry Brackets, Axles, and Tracks

    When your garage door is moving slowly and produces noise, it might be because of the dry brackets, axles, and tracks.

    You can simply confirm this by inspecting the areas.

    When you don’t see anything visibly wrong, that is a sign that it is simply dry and in need of lubrication.

    When these parts are dry, it causes the door to move slowly due to the friction, which also produces the sound.

    To prevent this from happening again, simply use lithium or silicone-based grease and apply it to these areas.

    That will do the trick.

    Loose Springs

    When the garage door is moving slow, the problem may be caused by loose springs.

    The garage door has two types of springs; the extension spring and the torsion spring.

    The extension spring is a spring that extends as the garage door opens and closes.

    The torsion spring is wrapped around a shaft where it twists and coils when the door operates.

    Once these springs are loose, the garage door will start to move slowly.

    If this is the case, then you need to have it tightened or replaced soon.

    That is because the force on these loose spring is causing an uneven force that can break the springs, which can lead to more problems.

    This problem is best solved by a professional.

    Speed Setting

    The speed setting is often overlooked when it comes to garage doors moving slow.

    It is possible that someone changed the setting or that the device is starting to malfunction.

    Changing the setting is something you can do.

    Begin on the second lowest setting and work your way up.

    Consider the people in your house when adjusting the speed of your garage door to avoid safety hazards.

    If you feel that there is still something wrong, then you might need a replacement.

    Uninsulated Garage

    For those in cold climates, there are garage doors that are uninsulated.

    When the winter comes, the cold seeps into the garage, causing the mechanisms not to operate properly.

    To fix that, the garage space needs to be warmed at first.

    No fires, a simple heater will do.

    With that, call for a garage door service.

    One of the things we will do is to insulate the walls, using a fiberglass batt and spray foam-solution.

    Another thing that needs to be done is to fix or replace the weatherstripping sealing.

    The material may have already deteriorated due to time.

    An uninsulated garage can lead to a garage door moving slowly.

    Worn-out Roller Bearings

    Roller bearings tend to wear out over time.

    The friction causes the material to deteriorate.

    Depending on the material it is made of, whether it is nylon, steel, or plastic, roller bearings will emit a loud, screeching sound as it moves slowly, as if it is dragging itself.

    When that happens, the roller bearings are in need of complete replacement.

    For replacement, we encourage professional handling as roller bearing replacement needs exact measurements.

    Another reason is that handling tracks wrongly can lead to electrocution.

    We at Garage Repair Pros Edmonton provide great service.

    Our professionals are trained in basic tune-ups, maintenance, and complex reparation.

    It is our goal to make sure that garage door ownership is convenient for homeowners.

    Call us.

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