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The garage door springs carry the most amount of pressure and weight that a garage door enforces whenever it goes up and down.

It has the most tedious job out of all the parts behind the scenes along with the cables, which means that it is also the most susceptible to damage and wearing.

Spring repairs and replacements can be dangerous.

Hence, it should not be done on one’s initiative.

There are professionals and experts for that for a reason.

Garage Door Pros provides expert services and solutions for issues with garage door springs.

There are many types of springs that a garage door employs, and the company can handle them all.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Edmonton – What we offer

  • Extension springs replacement
  • Torsion springs replacement
  • Spring maintenance
  • Spring cleaning
  • Broken springs repair

Springs are a delicate component that carries the weight of the door.

They are responsible for the smooth back and forth transactions with various cycles every day, depending on how much the door is used.

If springs start wearing out, or if it suddenly gives up, Garage Door Pros can help with the fix.

Other elaborate services include:

Garage Door Refusing To Open Fix

When garage doors refuse to open even when repeatedly commanded to, it is an obvious sign of damage in the springs.

It could be that the springs are broken and have given up carrying the door; that is why it cannot be raised.

There could be several other reasons why the door is not opening itself; hence it is crucial that a professional checks the mechanism.

It is dangerous when homeowners try to force and attempt to open the door as it could pose a lot more damages as well as various hazards.

What we can do:

  • Spring check-up
  • Spring replacement (either Extension or Torsion springs)

Worn Out Springs Repair

It is essential to check the status of the garage door parts every once in a while.

Inspecting the different components can help prevent any more damages by taking the best course of action as early as possible.

Preventing further damages saves you not only time but also more costs.

Look into the parts and check if they are already rusting or worn out, and call professionals to replace or repair damaged parts.

At Garage Door Pros, technicians know the best possible course of action for garage door springs.

Spring replacement is perhaps the most dangerous job in all the repairs done for garage doors.

Since it is under a considerable amount of tension, professional handling is required.

Homeowners can count that the company can provide expert services with a team of experienced technicians.

What we can do:

  • Expert spring maintenance
  • Professional worn out spring replacement
  • Expert lubrication

Different Type of Springs Replacement

It is important to note that torsion and extension springs also have different subtypes.

Garage Door Pros also provide services in handling the following types of springs:

  • Torquemaster Torsion Spring – It is one of the safest springs for garage doors.
  • Torsion Springs for Steel Rolling Door – Most commonly found and employed in commercial constructions, it provides support for rolling doors, and its torsion barrel has several springs stored in it.
  • Torsion Springs for Standard Garage Doors – It is usually found at the top of the door’s opening, employing a metal rod around the middle that holds up the spring.

These are the cheapest type of springs that can usually be found in property garage doors that only need one spring.

  • Early Set Torsion Spring – The spring is located in the middle of the shaft of the torsion.
  • Open Looped Extension Springs – It can be easily replaced, but it is more costly.
  • Double Looped – It contains two coils and is far more durable than the open-looped springs.
  • Clipped Ends – It has lesser stress placed on it because of its clipped ends.

It is also the most durable type of extension springs, surpassing the double looped type.

Garage Door Pros is a garage door repair company that provides quality replacements for different types of springs and solves other problems surrounding the part.

People in Southeast Edmonton, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan, or Beaumont can contact us and we’ll be on our way.

For dangerous repairs and replacement such as this, leave it to us to do the job.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Edmonton FAQ

Can I replace the garage door springs myself?

It is totally possible to replace either type of garage door spring on your own, but unless you're a very experienced DIYer, torsion spring replacements can be a very difficult task and you might get injured.

Can I foresee that a spring will break?

You cant really… Its somewhat like a lightbulb that stops working with no warning. A professional routine maintenance might help spot signs its time to replace the springs though.

Can the lifespan of a garage door springs be extended?

Yes, by correctly and routinely lubricating them. You can do it yourself or hire professionals.

How much does a spring repair cost?

The national average for professional spring repair cost is typically under $200. This varies based on your home improvement market, so your local garage door dealer may charge a lower or higher cost for this service.

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