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Tracks in the garage door system allow the door to slide up and down whenever it is in operation.

It gives way to balance and door sections’ rising and moving above in mid-air with smooth precision.

It also lets the door remain on track whenever on the move, and aligns it efficiently to perform its duties without problems.

A garage door that is misaligned and imbalanced is a sure sign of damage.

What the garage door looks like outside also affects its operation inside.

Hence, when that happens, the garage door track is usually the culprit.

Are there problems with the door tracks?

Is the garage door misaligned?

Does it look imbalanced?

If it is, the tracks might be damaged and may further render the door unable to open or close.

Some problems with the tracks usually arise from the other components’ malfunction.

However, fear not.

It might only need some slight adjustment, repair of other parts, or if worse comes to worst, a replacement.

Either method is not difficult to do.

When it comes to track adjustments and replacement, Garage Door Pros is your guy.

What we offer:

  • Garage door track repair
  • Garage door track replacement
  • Broken cable/drum repair/replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Lock striker replacement
  • Defaced rollers replacement
  • Decayed footings repair or replacement
  • Vertical track repairs
  • Horizontal track repairs

No matter the cause and the damage, Garage Door Pros can solve anything.

There are a lot of types of garage door tracks, and the company can handle them all.

Here are other different types of door tracks to give a glimpse of the company’s expertise in its services.

Standard Lift Track Repair

The first type of a garage door track is the standard lift.

It controls the lift that is found on most homes and properties.

It has a vertical track that rises to about eight inches smaller than that of the door’s height.

In most residential homes, it stands up in the height of six feet and four inches along with a curved segment facing the back of the remainder of the track’s horizontal aspect.

These features in the standard lift enable the door’s actions to heave up and move to a horizontal location at the top of the garage door.

Standard lift repairs include common fixes to the usual problems that occur with tracks; hence, this type is the easiest to repair out of all the overhead doors problems.

Vertical Lift Track Repair

Vertical lift tracks are most commonly found in industrial and commercial properties that are composed of a track that lifts vertically, in accordance to the standard lift type, except it includes an extra vertical track set up progressively at a distance from the wall with the distance of about 12-18 inches in most cases.

The additional space lets the spring assembly operate smoothly.

Vertical lifts mostly face bents in a warehouse.

Its track and flag bracket may also face malfunction wherein the jamb’s footing can face rusting.

What we can do:

  • Track rectification
  • Bent track repair
  • Replacement of the track itself
  • Jamb replacement
  • And more

High Lift Track Repair

Out of all of the types, the high lift may be the most effective one.

It uses both the features of a standard and vertical lift.

It is composed of a vertical track, a track in the horizontal position that is smaller than that of the standard lift system, and a high lift extension that varies in length based on the application and needs of the door.

The extension can be about four feet, with the ceiling being 12 inches.

Bents in the horizontal tracks when it comes to high lift systems may occur and may need professional help.

For this, Garage Door Pros’ services can offer several ways on how best to repair the lift.

What we can do:

  • Bent track repair
  • High lift track replacement
  • And more

We offer our services in: 

  • Edmonton
  • Leduc
  • Spruce Grove
  • Stony plain
  • Fort Saskatchewan
  • St Albert
  • Sherwood park
  • Beaumont
  • and more…

Garage Door Pros offer professional and expert services that will have any problematic garage door up and running in no time.

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