How To Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door: Maintenance Guide

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A garage door is not just a mere entrance to your home; it’s an integral part of your house’s overall appeal and functionality. Like any other home equipment, with proper care and maintenance, you can prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the most of your garage door’s life.

1. Regular Inspection and Maintenance

  • Visual Inspection: Every month, inspect your garage door for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Look out for rust, dents, or loose parts.
  • Balance Test: Disconnect the door opener and try to lift the door manually. It should lift smoothly and stay open around three or four feet above the floor. If not, it might be unbalanced and needs adjustment.
  • Reverse Mechanism Test: Place a piece of wood or a brick under the door and close it. The door should reverse upon touching the object.

For a comprehensive guide on annual maintenance, read this article.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts

  • Using a high-quality lubricant, regularly oil the rollers, tracks, hinges, and springs. This prevents friction, which can wear out these components faster. For more on this, check this detailed post.

3. Clean The Tracks

  • Keeping tracks free from debris ensures smooth operation. Clean them regularly and make sure they are properly aligned.

4. Replace Worn Out Parts

  • Components like springs, cables, and rollers wear out over time. Replace them as soon as you notice they’re worn to prevent bigger issues. If you’re experiencing broken cables, this article can help.

5. Install A Wi-Fi Connected Door

  • A Wi-Fi connected overhead door can send you alerts if left open accidentally. It helps in ensuring your door remains closed, reducing exposure to external elements.

6. Weatherproof Your Door

How To Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door: Detailed Table

Action Why It’s Important How Often More Information
Regular Inspection Detects issues before they become major problems Monthly Annual Maintenance Guide
Lubricate Moving Parts Reduces friction and wear Every 6 Months Lubrication Tips
Clean The Tracks Ensures smooth door operation As Needed
Replace Worn Out Parts Prevents bigger issues As Needed Broken Cables Guide
Install Wi-Fi Door Provides alerts for an open door Once Wi-Fi Door Guide
Weatherproofing Protects against elements and improves energy efficiency Once Weatherproofing Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my garage door?

Regular inspections should occur monthly. However, a more detailed service, such as lubrication and balance testing, should be conducted every 6 months. For a detailed annual maintenance guide, visit this link.

What’s the average lifespan of a garage door?

With proper care and maintenance, a garage door can last between 15 to 30 years. Factors affecting its lifespan include material, usage frequency, and maintenance. Discover more about overhead door’s lifespan here.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, we understand the urgency when your garage door malfunctions. We offer 24/7 emergency services for our valued customers. Learn more about our emergency services here.

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