How To Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

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    How To Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door – Homeowners do not usually think about the intricacy of the mechanics of their overhead garage doors.

    Usually, they just think that it works.

    It goes up, and it goes down.

    What they fail to understand is that there is much more than what meets the eye regarding these doors.

    To start, they are made of hundreds of mechanical moving parts.

    Therefore, these moving parts also need to be taken care of properly.

    They need to be checked for any defects or damages that sprung from the daily wear and tear.

    However, in the long run, the maintenance needs of overhead garage doors are wholly forgotten

    Therefore, homeowners need to understand that there will come a time that these overhead doors will stop working as they are intended to if they fail to do preventive maintenance on them.

    Property owners chose to install overhead garage doors in their properties for convenience reasons, but what if these doors become a significant inconvenience in the future?

    Performing garage door maintenance does not have to be challenging and costly.

    Here are some helpful tips and tricks on extending the life of overhead doors and on ensuring that these doors work flawlessly every time for years to come.

    Visual Inspection

    Performing a visual inspection on the overhead door will not take up a lot of time.

    This procedure will make sure that there is no visible damage to the door.

    Check for any dents on the doors

    Dents on the overhead door will do further damage to the overall system as it might interfere with the moving parts function.

    It will also not look aesthetically pleasing.

    Look out for paint chipping

    External elements like rain, heat, and snow will accelerate paint chipping and will most often lead to rust.

    Check for any rust spots

    Rust will spread on the entire door if left untreated.

    Rust might need to be sanded, primed, and painted adequately to prevent further damage.

    Check for any unusual sounds the garage door makes

    If there are any, it means that there is a poorly lubricated moving part on the system.


    Lubrication will ensure that the mechanical parts of the overhead door will work as intended.

    It will keep the door opening up and closing down smoothly and without too much effort.

    If the garage door system is motorized, lubricating the moving parts will make sure the entire overhead door system will not put too much strain on the motor, which in turn, would extend the life of the engine.

    Make sure to lubricate every moving part like the hinge, roller, and track on the overhead door.

    But before you lubricate everything, ensure that it is free from dust and grime to prevent it from contaminating lubricant.

    Dust and grime in the lubricant will not keep it working one hundred percent.

    Using a non-abrasive cleaning agent like an automotive brake cleaner will help prevent corrosion on the moving parts.

    Avoid using strong detergents because it will rust out the parts.

    Also, avoid using popular degreasers like the WD-40 because it is not suited for heavy-duty lubrication.

    Use lithium-based lubricants that come in spray type.

    To lubricate hinges, point the spray directly on the hinge.

    Use the thin tube that comes with the spray can for a more precise application.

    Wipe off all the excess lubricant.

    Moreover, lubricating the rollers is also vital to the entire system.

    This will help keep the garage door opening and closing smoothly.

    Apply lubricant in the same manner as the hinges.

    Lastly, keep your tracks free from dirt and grime that might obstruct the door from closing and opening flawlessly.

    Regular Checking and Annual Preventive Maintenance

    Daily checking of the door is not necessary; it is counterproductive and time-consuming.

    Checking at least once a month is sufficient.

    Also, try to avoid damaging the overhead door proactively.

    Take extra care when backing out the garage with the car; try not to hit the door to avoid denting.

    Keep tools and other things away from the overhead door’s pathway not to obstruct it.

    In case of damage that is too great for the property owner to fix on his own, there are overhead garage doors repair service technicians available for contact in Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont, and Stony Plain.

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