How To Open an Garage Door If There Is A Power Outage?

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For homeowners who are using automated garage doors, a power outage would be a problem.

To access overhead doors, opening them manually is the only option unless there is a backup battery.

However, opening it manually must be challenging because of its weight.

Those who have strained backs or not physically prepared would struggle more in heavy lifting it.

Thus, to open it, be sure to ask for help in lifting.

With adequate knowledge and preparation, it can still be utilized.

The bypass is a feature available to all automatic garage doors, enabling it to be manually opened.

In this post, the steps on how to open an overhead door in case of a power outage or any emergencies (e.g., remote misplacement) will be provided.

Before proceeding to the steps, first and foremost, disconnect the garage door from the electricity carriage.

It is for safety precautions to avoid electric shock in case the power immediately returns.

Please take note that the bypass’ function will pause once the electricity comes back.

Steps on How to Manually Lift the Door Inside

  1. Before unlocking the door, ensure that the locks or latches are open. It is necessary to follow this step to avoid any interruptions in opening it manually.
  2. The next step is to unplug the opener.  To do this, disconnect the power cord from the door.
  3. Get a ladder and place it under the chain that operates the garage door.
  4. While on the ladder, search for the emergency release cord. It is usually red; thus, it is easy to locate. The red cable hangs from its bracket near the door. It is attached to the trolley. It connects the arm to the center track of the garage door.
  5. Afterwards, jerk the red cable using the knob. Ensure that the cord is hooked onto a small level, allowing it to be tilted at a 15-degree angle. It will be observed that the lever will now be loaded with springs. The cable must be pulled cautiously until the lever of the door locks.
  6. After ensuring it already locks, get off the ladder and hold the door with the help of other family members or from the neighbors since it is heavy. If the previous step is accurately done, the door will be lifted without hesitation. However, if the door does not budge, repeat the fourth step. Pull the cord again until it locks open.
  7. Homeowners should remember not to let go of the garage door immediately. Prop the door open by having someone hold it. In closing it, ease it down by hand.
  8. After successfully opening it, get back to the ladder to pull down the cable, locking it in place again. Upon pulling it, meticulously observe the bracket slipping back into the chain bracket.  If the door doesn’t open, repeat these steps.

These steps are guaranteed to prohibit any dangerous occurrences from happening when the power returns.

Steps on How to Manually Lift the Door on the Outside

There are two options available in opening it manually. This next option is not commonly used. If the first option is not much of a help, consider this way.

  1. Look for the emergency release kit. This kit is located at the top of the door with a small lock. Inside is an emergency release cord, usually in the color red.
  2. Trigger the release mechanism by unlocking this cord. This step shifts the door into a manual mode.
  3. Afterwards, unlock the garage door. To do this, there is another lock located below the emergency release kit. Using the key, turn the handle vertically.
  4. For the last step, lift the door. (Again, please be reminded to ask help in heavy lifting to avoid any harmful circumstances.) Keep it open while the car moves out of the garage. Let other people hold the door while driving the vehicle.
  5. After these steps, if successfully done, pull the garage door down inside.


Here are some tips to consider in manually lifting the garage door to reinforce safer methods:

  • Lubricate all the parts to make it easier to pull and for a smoother and quieter operation.
  • Keep the manual in hand. Step-by-step procedures on what to do during this situation are provided there.
  • Avoid pulling the cord or cable if the door is stuck in the open position, for it will crash down immediately.

Ask assistance from specialists

Contact immediately for help, assistance, and maintenance from overhead door repair specialists if this problem arises or if in need of a thorough fix.

There are a variety of garage door repair services offered in Beaumont, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan, or Southeast Edmonton.

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