How To Properly Measure For A New Garage Door

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    Whatever the circumstance is, it is always crucial to measure the width and the length of a garage door precisely, as even the most minuscule error can damage and impede the functioning of an entire door system.

    Some might even think that overhead doors only require a couple of measurements, but in reality, even professionals are afforded enough time to have them accurately done.

    Fear not, however, as this article will comprehensively list the necessary procedures to adequately measure a garage door, making DIY a lot easier.

    Remember, there is always the option of seeking help, should things ever go haywire.

    Garage door repair professionals are but a call away.

    Required Materials

    Before proceeding into the measuring process, several materials are needed.

    They don’t have to be the highest-rated in the market.

    As long as they get the job done, they are enough.

    Measuring Tape

    The primary tool for this endeavor is a measuring tape.

    It should be sufficiently lengthy, with enough height to cover the measurements of any garage door.

    They can be easily purchased through local hardware and supermarkets, and they don’t cost that much.


    A step ladder is preferable, as long as it can be used inside the garage itself.

    Moreover, it is crucial never to forget this equipment as it would provide assurance when measuring higher parts of the garage.

    While some people find it easy to note the measurements in their heads, having a smartphone or a pen and paper on tap should help make the job a lot easier and faster.

    Measuring Instructions

    Step 1. Both width and height should be prioritized first as everything that will follow will revolve around them.

    In this case, an accurate measuring tape is needed to avoid any measurement complications that might lead to more work.

    If the garage door’s height is unreachable, still even when tip-toeing, using a stepped ladder to measure the size carefully can also be done.

    Step 2. Side rooms are located on the left and right side of the overhead garage door opening.

    Depending on the measured height and weight, personal assessments and adjustments are needed to determine the side room’s ratios.

    Consequently, side rooms are also responsible for holding the control panel for automatic garage doors as the location is ideal for homeowners.

    Step 3. Measure the overhead garage door’s headroom, as it is crucial for the torsion spring placement.

    In the event of a head room not being in the place where it should be, garage door specialists may conduct an inspection and provide possible solutions to make the equipment much safer.

    It is also worth noting that an automatic overhead door would require a head room, and traditional ones may not include one.

    The step ladder can be used when measuring as head rooms are hard to reach.

    Step 4. Take into consideration the size of the cars when measuring the back room.

    The backroom should be measured accurately, as the number of cars that can be stored will significantly depend on the measuring.

    An automatic overhead door will require even more space than the usual, so several adjustments must be made according to the type.

    Professional Measuring Service

    In case homeowners are hesitant to take the measurements for fear of inaccuracy, a garage door repair professional can be contacted to do the job.

    They use advanced tools and measuring techniques to ensure that everything is coordinated and running smoothly once the installation process starts.

    This type of service isn’t that expensive as it would only require these professionals a little amount of time to survey and check everything.

    Plus, having specialists with years of experience to do the job is safer and more secure than a DIY.

    However, for homeowners on a tight budget, doing repairs by themselves is plausible, as long as every step mentioned above is followed.

    Garage door repair companies are everywhere in Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Leduc, and Beaumont.

    Several tries on different contractors are expected if one is out uncovering the best.

    While it could take some time and resources, having a trusted team of garage door specialists will prove beneficial not just for one’s garage but also for the household.

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