How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

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    How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

    Torsion Springs do a lot of heavy-lifting in your garage door’s mechanism.

    The springs are so essential in lightening the door’s load that should they break, opening the door becomes a very taxing and challenging task to do.

    After all, the overhead doors themselves are so heavy that it would take at least two experts to assist you in moving the doors.

    As such, replacing broken springs should be the top priority.

    That’s because you can’t keep on relying on other people to help you open the weighty door.

    Moreover, you’re also putting yourself, and your buddies in danger since the risk of the door falling and injuring all of you is very high.

    That’s why you need expert professionals to fix your door in no time so you won’t ruin your schedule with a faulty garage door.

    And our team of professionals at Overhead Door Repair Pros in Edmonton are the right experts to call for this job.

    Still, it is useful for you, as a garage door owner, to have an idea of what torsion springs replacement involves.

    Here is an informative guide on how to replace a broken garage door torsion spring.

    Tools Required

    Replacing torsion springs require these specific tools:

    • One pair of winding bars.
    • A set of wrenches
    • Vise-grips

    Replacement Procedure

    1. Using the winding bars, release the tension from the torsion spring in quarter turns. At the end of each spring is a winding cone with four slots on its side. These slots are where you need to attach the winding bars. You’ll know when the spring has released all tension if the dots on the spring form a straight line.

    2. Loosen the set-screws on the winding cone with the correct wrench, which is usually in 9/16-inch or 1/2-inch sizes. Also loosen the screws on the center bracket, where two ends of the springs are bolted together.

    3. Secure the torsion shaft first by clamping it in place with a vice-grip.

    4. Unfasten the keys on the spring then the ones on the cable drum. Disconnect the cable from the drum.

    5. To remove the broken torsion spring, the edge of the shaft needs to be out of the bearing brackets. Push the shaft towards the other end to pop off the end of the shaft from the bracket. Pull out the drum then the broken spring. Repeat on the other side.

    6. For installing the new torsion spring, take note of the proper spring for each side. The spring marked with black paint goes on the left side, and the one in red goes on the right.

    Bonus Tip: By the time your torsion spring breaks, the bearings on the sides must have worn down too. Get a new set of bearing brackets along with the new torsion springs to make use of the spring’s full life.

    7. Detach the vice-grips. Fasten the torsion springs to the central bracket.

    8. Add tension to the new springs with the use of winding bars. Take note of how tall your garage door is. Every foot requires a full turn, so if you have a 7-foot door, it needs seven times four quarter turns, which results in 28 quarter turns.

    9. After the last quarter turn, leave one of the winding bars attached and propped up. The keys only need a 3/4 turn to tighten.

    10. Return the drum to its place on the shaft and reattach the cables to it. Wind the drum until the cable is as taut as a guitar string. Refasten the drum by tightening its keys.

    11. Using the free winding bar, lift the tense spring to remove the other remaining bar.

    Repeat the steps above to set the other spring.

    These steps are just the necessary procedure in replacing a broken torsion spring.

    Watch this How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring video to learn more details.

    Get the Expert Garage Door Professionals

    Knowing how to repair and maintain a broken garage door torsion spring is just the first step in being a responsible garage door owner.

    But to become a fully responsible owner, you have to get the best professionals for your garage door.

    Our team of expert technicians at Overhead Garage Door Pros in Edmonton is just a call away.

    Call (587) 804-2072 now and let our team handle your garage door issues.

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