Tips For Keeping Children Safe Near Overhead Doors

Keeping Children Safe Near Overhead Doors

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Tips For Keeping Children Safe Near Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are heavy; they are always under vast amounts of tension, and if overlooked, it can pose a severe safety hazard, especially for families with young children.

Accidents can happen even from seemingly harmless playful activities, so one should never be too sure about such matters.

Just like any parts of a home, the garage should be child proofed and checked for safety as often as possible.

A well-maintained overhead door will work more efficiently, have a longer lifespan, and provide owners with peace of mind.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks that are easy enough for anyone to do.

Listed below are some pointers for keeping children safe near garage doors.

Storing the Remote Away

All children love toys—that is a universal fact.

Kids are curious little creatures, eager to learn from anything around them, which is why parents should keep garage door openers away from them.

Small, filled with buttons, and has the power to operate a door’s closing and opening movements, are sure reasons why such a remote can be so appealing to them.

Storing the remote out of reach will ensure that children don’t get to open the overhead door without anyone’s knowledge,

contain them inside the home and prevent them from being injured by the door.

Moreover, it will also help if parents discourage their children from playing with the opener even with them around.

Checking Safety Features

Automatic overhead doors have safety mechanisms that ensure its doors don’t accidentally injure anyone when it starts closing down.

Garage doors usually tend to work so efficiently that one might forget to test these features.

One should remember to check the sensors and the automatic reverse mechanism when conducting safety tests.

This kind of test can be easily done by placing an object along the door’s closing path to see if it halts the closing process or continues to crush the item below.

If there are any issues regarding these features, then immediately call a technician as soon as possible.

Performing Regular Maintenance

It is said that the average garage door is used almost a thousand times a year.

With the amount of constant friction to its parts, homeowners should keep a routine check-up of their garage door to keep it working safely and efficiently.

One can do several ways of maintaining their doors like lubricating the hardware, cleaning up the debris,

tightening the nuts and hinges, and many more.

In addition to that, scheduling an annual maintenance check with a technician will help make sure any

possible issues can be fixed as soon as possible and prevent one from paying costly repairs in the future.

Educating Children

The best way to keep children from any safety hazards is by talking to them and explaining how a garage is not a place to play in, and that an overhead door is not a toy they can play with.

Teach them that the door can be dangerous, and they should not touch the pulleys, torsion springs, and cables.

Additionally, let them stand away once the door is opening or closing.

By creating boundaries and educating them to respect the door, accidents at home can be prevented.

Furthermore, set a good example and follow the same safety measures given to them, as children tend to follow what they see.

Buying or Upgrading to a Quality Door

Sometimes, when the door has too many issues, the best move is to purchase a new overhead door instead.

It may feel a little heavy on the wallet, but investing in a quality door is always a good idea.

Sturdy overhead doors are more durable and less likely to put anyone at risk.

Remember, when it comes to these matters, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies.

Keeping children safe is one of the biggest priorities of a parent.

Ensuring the home is safe for children is essential, so one should make sure that each part of the house is not forgotten when childproofing.

Should there be any concerns about their overhead doors, Regina, Calgary, and Red Dear residents can call a specialist that can provide them assistance.

With this industry robust and their services aplenty, homeowners can rest assured.

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