Preventative Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors

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    Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors

    Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors – One of the most overlooked things in a household is the overhead garage door.

    It’s in the scope of a homeowner’s responsibility, therefore, to check on these doors for possible defects, that if left neglected, can pose serious dangers.

    Maintaining an overhead garage door is significantly cheaper than replacing it.

    This article provides preventive maintenance tips on garage doors, done so comprehensively, to ensure that these wonderful, life-changing pieces of hardware live out their expected lifespan.


    The first thing to check on the garage doors is the tracks, mainly if heavily used and already over the hill.

    Deformities such as cracks, bend, or breaks, are warning signals that should spur homeowners into action, as leaving them unattended will afford these doors more time to loosen hence more problems.

    Having a malformed track will cause one’s garage door to look crooked or heavily tilted to one side.

    Be sure, therefore, to check on these doors at a considerable distance to guarantee safety, should things go awry.

    Moreover, adjusting the garage doors by oneself is greatly discouraged.

    Always seek professional help, as they are trained to diagnose and repair garage door problems at the most efficient speed.


    Damaged rollers can cause overhead garage doors not to function correctly.

    Little in size, as they are compared to other parts, they are responsible for running the tracks.

    They are the little wheels that slide up and down on the inside of the frame of the door.

    Furthermore, there exists a variety of these rollers.

    Steel rollers are known to be the noisier variety and are the easiest to attract dust.

    Nylon rollers, on the other hand, are quieter, more resistant to rust, and are expected to last longer than steel rollers.

    Check the garage door rollers for any sign of deterioration or wear.

    If steel rollers propel one’s garage door, be at peace in knowing that they seldomly crack.

    However, they are still susceptible to dust build-up, especially around the bearings, impeding functionality.

    Proper lubrication is needed, thus, when dealing with steel rollers.

    With nylon rollers, contrarily, check for cracks, splits, or other signs of damage.

    Nuts and Bolts

    Garage doors are heavy–a common truth.

    Due to its considerable weight, if things were ever to take a turn for the worse, a sudden plunge done by these doors would create severe damages.

    It is therefore of utmost importance that the nuts and bolts that keep the doors firmly connected to the wall is checked regularly.

    In the event of a torque adjustment, contacting a professional ensures accurate and more precise specifications.


    A weatherstrip is responsible for preventing rain, snow, or sand from entering one’s garage.

    It is made of rubber, a material known for its elasticity and impermeability.

    If tears and cracks are present on these strips, having them replaced would be the most efficient thing.

    Weatherstrips are also very cheap.


    Having one’s garage door painted is one ideal option for prolonging–better, extending the lifespan of these doors.

    Paint does not only protect surfaces against the harsh effects of weather, such as sun and water, but it is also another way of preventing rust from accumulating on the surface of garage doors, especially parts most easy to rust.

    Chipped or cracked paint can be taken in as a sign for a repaint.

    Moreover, having a repaint also helps in maintaining the aesthetics of one’s home.

    Garage doors are practical tools that have made life more comfortable.

    It remains one of the most efficient creations ever accorded for humankind to enjoy, even after centuries of its conception.

    Look and Listen

    Take a moment to look and listen to your overhead garage door.

    If the door takes too much time to function or is producing sounds it has never made before, the best thing to do would be to have them looked over.

    Garage doors, over the years, have been augmented to produce little to no sound when functioning, and are programmed to perform its function in the quickest time possible.

    If they ever start working this way, contacting the nearest garage door repair specialist in the vicinity would be the best way to have them up and running in no time.

    Residents of areas such as St. Albert, Leduc or Spruce Grove that have troubles with their garage doors can rest easy.

    Companies that offer a wide array of overhead door services are plenty in Canada.

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