Mini Warehouse Garage Doors Maintenance and Repair

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    Mini Warehouse Garage Doors Maintenance and Repair

    Do you ever wonder why your neighbors have roll-up doors that serve as their mini warehouse garage door?

    It’s because of its functionality to make mini-warehouse garages spacious, safe and secure.

    It can also be insulated to preserve the valuables inside the garage from temperature change.

    Having this kind of door in your garage may assure you in keeping your things secure but have you considered its maintenance?

    If left unmaintained, it can’t go on forever. It will eventually degrade over time.

    Even nonliving things, such as metals, have their lifespan.

    Sometimes, we do have this “It’s still ok, just leave it” mentality, where we neglect the possibility that if it is not maintained.

    Thus, it will lose its quality to the point that it affects our safety.

    Here are some essential maintenance tips for garage doors you can follow in maintaining your garage door.

    Learn and do this regularly, then a well-maintained and fully functional garage door will ease your everyday stress.

    4 Important Tips You Should Know in Maintaining Your Mini Warehouse Garage Doors

    Having a mini warehouse garage door in your place can make your products safe but also allow a smooth transition for moving your products in and out.

    Also, an ideal garage door should prevent excessive air or water to flow through to preserve the products.

    It is expected that garage doors are prone to malfunctions when they are not appropriately maintained.

    Below are the essential tips that can help enhance the lifespan of the door and ensure smooth performance.

    1. Be wary of rust

    Metal is prone to rust, so if it’s left unattended, it will ruin the appearance and its performance.

    If you want to prolong its lifespan, there is a need to check if possible, every day to ensure and address them immediately to avoid more problems.

    Repair Suggestion:

    • You can remove the rust by cleaning the surface with rag and soap to remove the dirt first.
    • Apply any rust remover to the surface and scrub the remaining rust with steel wool. If your home doesn’t have an industrial rust remover, you can use an alternative like vinegar or lemon juice that are acidic.
    • If the DIY weren’t enough, it would be wise to hire a garage repair professional to clean the rust and apply a high-quality wax on the inner and outer surfaces of the door.

    2. Seal Any Leaks or Cracks

    In Edmonton, rain often comes in the late spring, summer, and early autumn seasons.

    Wherein, a common problem that can constitute damage to your garage and the materials housed in your warehouse is when water leaks under the garage roller door.

    This must be prevented to preserve the quality of your products

    Repair Suggestion:

    Seal the holes where water is leaking with Permatex. But if the damage is beyond repair, replace the rubber seals.

    3. Look for wear on the parts of the garage door.

    Check the door springs, hinges, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other hardware for signs of wear.

    Also, look for loose bolts, and if you found one immediately tighten the bolt.

    Weary components of the door will make the garage door malfunction and could lead to accidents.

    You don’t want that to happen, right? So, replace those parts with faults as soon as possible.

    Repair Suggestion:

    If you found any other than loose bolts, contact your garage door company immediately.

    4. Lubrication

    If your door produces noise and doesn’t open easily, it must be because of too much friction.

    To solve this issue, lubricate the moving parts with lube, especially door hinges, rollers, track and springs.

    Remember to not over-lubricate components, because it causes dripping or seepage onto other surfaces.


    Investing in the maintenance of your warehouse garage door is important to ensure not just your safety but also optimize its lifespan.

    If you are hesitant or unable to maintain or repair your warehouse garage door, you can always call a professional to help you with your problem.

    Preferably, you should contact a garage door repair company near you.

    If you’re living in Edmonton, You can put your trust in us!

    We are always available, and one call away to help you with your warehouse garage maintenance and repair.

    We even provide emergency garage door service if you need us out of business hours. Just call (587) 804-2072.

    We offer installation and repair services in Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Mini Warehouse Garage Doors Maintenance and Repair. Besides “Mini Warehouse Garage Doors Maintenance and Repair”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Overhead Door Pros Edmonton.

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