Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

Top Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair Service Near You

An automatic garage door opener has proven itself remarkable with the advanced technology that allows itself to open and close on its own.

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The convenience and efficiency brought upon to homeowners have made a great deal in lessening the burden and saving effort and energy from people.

Of course, every great mechanism has its own vulnerabilities.

For instance, automatic openers are also susceptible to damages involving its system and parts.

Problems with the sensors and photo-eye can arise at any moment, especially over time.

This issue is a common offset within garage doors.

Garage Door Pros is adept at repairs and putting garage door parts into the right place.

Where automatic opener repairs are concerned, the company is an expert at it.

Are there any problems with the opener?

Is the door refusing to close?

Are sensors faulty?

Worry no more, as Garage Door Pros offers only the best services for all garage door openers.

What we offer

  • Broken photo-eye repair
  • Misaligned photo-eye repair
  • Automatic opener force re-adjustment
  • Automatic opener re-programming
  • Technical repairs
  • And more

If there are any troubles with the opener, call a garage door repair company immediately.

Here are other automatic opener problems the company can fix:

Blocked Photo-Eye

The photo-eye is part of the opener’s sensors that shoot an invisible laser above the ground to detect any objects blocking the door’s path before it closes.

It is placed at a distance of four to six inches from the ground for most standard garage doors.

It is a very small eye that uses the invisible beam to detect any interruptions, and if it does, it will kill the signal that commands the door to open or close by itself.

Even without a visible object on sight, if something is blocking the photo-eye for unknown reasons, it could pose a series of inconveniences for homeowners.

Garage Door Pros can help solve this problem.

With sufficient knowledge in the field, experts in the company can quickly identify what is wrong with the photo-eye or the opener itself.

The problem could be because of the cord being severed from the eye due to an external force.

Whatever it is, the company can solve it for you.

What we can do

  • Photo-eye replacement
  • Photo-eye cleaning
  • Photo-eye aligning
  • And more

Automatic Opener’s Sensitivity Repair

There is a sensitivity function found on all openers where homeowners can adjust the power or the energy that the garage door opener utilizes to open or close the door.

As a safety function, it stops the opener from opening or closing the door whenever it senses a large amount of resistance in the process of closing the door against an obstacle such as an object, an animal, or a person.

It is also a part of the safety feature employed when the door is opening.

Suppose that the door is going through a difficult time of opening.

In that case, the opener itself will prevent it from operating to not cause any further damage to the opener or the door itself.

Even if the door is new or old, it can still be subjected to a series of faultiness if the sensitivity is not adjusted correctly.

Re-adjusting the sensitivity can be done by homeowners on their own, but things can get very complicated when done wrongly.

For this, the company’s technicians are available to help.

Garage Door Pros can apply adjustments professionally so that homeowners do not have to worry about malfunctions.

If people ever decide to make the adjustments on one’s own and the problem persists, an expert will need to look at the issue personally.

The company’s team of expert technicians can lend a hand by providing garage door opener services.

What we can do

  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Other sensitivity problems repair
  • And more

For your garage door opener problems, Garage Door Pros can solve it for you efficiently.

Our experienced technicians are more than happy to serve you in Northwest Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Glastonbury and more.

Do not rely on DIY fixes, especially on sensitive matters such as problems with automatic openers.

Call now and leave the repairs to us.

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