Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist – Everything needs proper caring to last long.

    Like other home equipment, the overhead door requires proper care and maintenance to live out its expected lifespan.

    As a responsible homeowner, paying attention to the door’s condition is a must, primarily that it is used daily.

    In this checklist, the methods will be thoroughly elaborated for better understanding.

    Here are six helpful tips for maintaining the overall quality of the overhead doors that homeowners can try.

    1. Do a regular inspection

    First and foremost, homeowners must be observant.

    Among the six ways provided here, this is the most effective method to keep in mind.

    Garage doors are used most of the time; thus, they are prone to wear and tear.

    With this, it is necessary to keep an eye on the door’s operation and its parts.

    If one has sharp hearing, looking for signs like unusual noises can be easy, as these sounds usually are an indication that something isn’t right.

    Moreover, having a critical eye to detail can greatly help detect any visible signs of discrepancies on a garage door.

    Therefore, regularly inspecting these doors is an efficient way to determine any problems and prevent similar events from happening in the future.

    2. Lubricate your overhead door

    As mentioned, overhead doors are used most of the time, which leads to the wearing of the parts.

    Therefore, lubrication is needed to maintain a smooth operation.

    Lubricating the parts must not be neglected, for it is an essential factor that strengthens the door’s quality and extends its lifespan.

    Also, it would prevent the parts from rusting.

    It Is suggested to lubricate the components every six months or so as needed.

    To do this, purchase a lubricant and apply a minimal amount on the parts.

    Please note that the parts that demand the lubrication the most are the rollers, tracks, and hinges.

    Specialists recommend non-silicone-based lubricants or lithium grease for the main elements, while a spray lubricant is best for coating the springs.

    3. Clean it regularly

    This may be the most basic way to maintain the quality of the overhead door.

    Apparently, like any other object, cleaning it is something that must not be neglected.

    It is a primary task that homeowners should always practice.

    Dust off the parts, remove the dirt and debris—clean the whole garage for a refreshing and a presentable environment.

    4. Check the springs

    The springs are deemed the essential parts of the door.

    These are the metal coils responsible for the lifting of the overhead door.

    Check the springs on both sides and look for any signs of fragility, rust, or wear.

    This part is dangerous; thus, it is not advisable to do a DIY overhead fixing if there are any damages.

    The only thing that homeowners can do is to check it regularly to identify any problems.

    It is noticeable if they break because the operation will be hindered.

    If there are any, homeowners must contact a technician immediately if problems arise.

    5. Test the force setting

    Contemporary overhead doors have a feature that recognizes any hindrances that block in the door’s way.

    This feature is called the force setting.

    To do this test, one must first place a board on the ground at the door’s center.

    Next, switch on the door to witness if there are any problems.

    If there are any, the door will pause halfway, or it will strain that will cause dents upon touching the board.

    6. Check the weather-stripping

    Weather-stripping is an important task to keep the garage sealed from external factors.

    To do this method, locate the weather-strip seal on the bottom part of the door.

    Check for any brittles or cracks.

    If it looks worn out, a replacement would be necessary, unfortunately.

    If the weather-stripping is in bad condition, it is advisable to replace it as much as possible to keep the external elements from entering the garage.

    Contact an overhead door specialist

    This checklist serves to provide information on how to maintain the overhead door and the garage.

    Homeowners need to do this to allow the door function at its best.

    However, if there are any unusual occurrences, contact overhead door repair specialists immediately for inspection and repairs.

    There are services widely offered in Spruce grove, Sherwood Park, St Albert and all around the Edmonton area.

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