Garage Door Making Noise? These Could Be The Reasons

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Garage Door Making Noise – It is an automatic assumption that when an object produces unusual noises, it might be damaged.

These unusual noises are frustrating, which is why it is best to avoid them.

Before learning what to do when these arise, provided here are the reasons why it happened in the first place.

Common Causes of Unusual Garage Door Noises

It is already old

As garage doors age, it becomes noisier.

The parts might have been weary already.

The old rollers are most commonly the reason behind this.

It has fallen off-balance

When a garage door has come off the track, it will result in louder sounds.

Secure the alignment of the parts; it must have adjusted due to impact.

It is already worn out

If there are any signs of wear and tear, the opener might need replacement already.

Check the parts, especially the rollers.

If it is already rusted, it is undoubtedly the reason behind the unusual noises.

Replace the old ones with nylon rollers because it is said to produce less noise.

Its parts are loose

Screeching sounds might be the product of loose parts.

Inspect the components, especially bolts, nuts, and screws, and tighten it.

It needs lubrication

Lubrication is part of the garage door maintenance.

It would prevent the production of noises.

If it is not lubricated regularly, a smooth operation would be hindered.

The parts that demand lubrication the most are the hinges and rollers.

It needs to be repaired or replaced

Garage doors that seek a repair or have already reached their limits produce rattling sounds.

Check the belt or chain if it is loose.

If so, contact a garage door technician for fixing.

On a side note, it is recommended to consider a belt-drive type than a chain-drive since it makes less noise.

Before asking for professional assistance, here are the typical noises and what homeowners can do:

Typical Noises


If there is a banging sound, the solution is to put the garage door back on its track.

Worse, it might need replacement already.


Rattling noises is a reminder to tighten some loose nuts or bolts.

Keep the moving parts lubricated always.

Another reason might be the opener’s loose support rails or chain.


The scraping sound is probably a harsh noise. It would likely involve the house’s exteriors.

If this is heard, it usually indicates the door’s alignment; it is unbalanced.


The motor of the overhead door needs replacement if any straining sounds are heard.

Moreover, it is also an indication of power lacking in the garage.


This noise is produced when spring has loosened, or a coil is experiencing grave tension.


If this sound is heard, consider it a signal of a loose roller or hinge.

Tighten these loose parts then lubricate.

Too loud when opening or closing

The sounds that an opener makes during opening or closing is not disturbing.

If it reached the point where it sounds like firecrackers, the garage might have poor acoustics.

Installing soundproofing or insulation might prove helpful in containing the sound.


The cause of a clinking sound is due to rust.

Spring coils rub together when rust builds up.


Snapped torsion springs might be the problem when there are popping sounds heard.

It is deemed very dangerous to inspect this without a technician’s assistance.


Rubbing sounds are caused by bent tracks that are too tight.

Call for a skilled person to adjust the alignment.


Inadequate lubrication makes squealing sounds.

Apply a considerable amount when lubricating.

If it is not fixed by lubrication, reinstallation might be the solution.


Grinding sound is the result when there is a loose roller or hinge.

The reason might be improper installation or a slipped out trolley.


A loose chain is the cause of a slapping sound.


Tighten the nuts or bolt around the track to get rid of vibrating sounds.

Contact a specialist

If these indicators are observed, contact a garage door specialist immediately.

Homeowners can only do lubricating and mere checking.

It is not advisable to do self-fixing; it would lead to damaging the door itself and would risk safety.

Garage door repair, in-depth inspections, replacement, and reinstallation requires a technician already.

There are services available in Leduc, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Fort Saskatchewan.

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