Overhead Door Opener Repair

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    Overhead Door Opener Repair

    Overhead Door Opener Repair

    By numbers, garage doors are typically opened and closed for a minimum of 1,500 times each year.

    The truth is, garage door openers are only as strong as time.

    Openers can wear out or face malfunctions as it nears its life span.

    However, both new and old openers are often vulnerable to damages, especially when the external force of nature or any unexpected accidents occurs.

    Whether the problem lies in the essential parts or the door’s technical components itself, the system is affected.

    Nevertheless, Overhead Door Pros can handle anything.

    The company’s services offer only the best for any garage door opener’s needs.

    May it be external damages or internal problems, homeowners can be guaranteed that services will be executed safely and professionally.

    What we offer:

    • Photo-eye realignment
    • Stripped gears replacement
    • Replacement of sprockets
    • Circuit board replacement
    • Limit switches repair and replacement
    • Garage door opener trolley repairs and replacement
    • Garage door opener drive chains repairs and replacement
    • Garage door opener drive belts and bracket repairs and replacement
    • Garage door opener replacement
    • Sensitivity re-adjustment
    • Garage door opener maintenance

    Different Types of Garage Door Opener and Repairs

    Knowing the different kinds of openers will help identify the strengths and weaknesses and help decide on the best possible course of action.

    No matter what type of a garage door opener it is, Overhead Door Pros can handle it.

    Chain Drive Opener Repair

    Chain-drive openers have a metal chain that is used to steer the opener’s trolley, which in turn lifts and lowers the garage door.

    It is perhaps the cheapest option out of all the various kinds; hence, it is commonly found in most residential garage doors.

    On the downside, it can also cause quite a racket when in operation, in allusion to the metal chain’s movements.

    It can cause quite an inconvenience for those who are sensitive to noises.

    Noisy garage door openers can be fixed depending on the damage.

    At Overhead Door Pros, technicians can easily handle those without inconvenience.

    Belt Drive Openers Repair

    Belt drive openers are generally quiet and belt-driven, where a rubber belt is utilized to slip the owner’s trolley as the door is commanded to close or open.

    The movements are quiet and a lot smoother because the trolley itself acts over a rubber material rather than a metal that is most commonly used by other types.

    It also causes a lesser number of vibrations compared to a door that operates using chains.

    Moreover, it only needs shorter maintenance due to less moving parts employed and is ideal for other types of houses.

    However, it does not mean that it should not be maintained at all.

    When the maintenance fails, the company’s services can solve issues for customers.

    Overhead Door Pros provides all types of solutions, from rubber to metal parts, from maintenance to quick fixes.

    Screw Drive Openers Repair

    While other types employ metal and rubber, a screw-driven opener utilizes a threaded steel shaft that has the job of moving the trolley that elevates and closes following the shaft’s rotation.

    It is also made up of lesser moving components, therefore guaranteeing fewer damages and problems over time.

    They also operate more smoothly and quietly as opposed to the chain drives.

    It requires less maintenance and is also vibration-free and peaceful in its operation.

    For screw drive openers, problems with the sensor typically arise and can be easily repaired by the professional technicians at Overhead Door Pros.

    Direct Drive Openers Repair

    It is perhaps the easiest and least complicated type of garage door opener because the motor that it employs is responsible for moving the trolley.

    Hence, it does not use a belt, chain, or threaded component for its operation.

    Like the other three types, it functions smoothly and quietly without frequent maintenance needed.

    It also simplifies the whole up and down process of the door.

    Problems concerning direct-drive openers include the motor itself, as wires and mechanisms can loosen.

    For issues like this, homeowners can count on Overhead Door Pros to rewire it to regular operation.

    The company offers its services to Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

    For garage door openers, we are the experts.

    Give us a call for more information and a free estimate.

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