Overhead Door Safety Sensors Explained

Overhead Door Safety Sensors

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Overhead Door Safety Sensors Explained

Overhead Door Safety Sensors – Safety doors were made for the prevention of unforeseen disasters and accidents that may be caused by the overhead door of the garage.

A number of not only people but for pets as well have experienced grave injuries due to garage doors, and cars have been seriously damaged as well.

Overhead doors, for the most part, have safety sensors integrated into its internal systems.

These sensors have a built-in reversing mechanism that prevents the risk of entrapment.

In layman’s terms, people under closing overhead doors will not get crushed because the safety sensors are there to ensure that there is no obstruction in the door’s way as it is closing.

If there is something in the way, then the overhead door will be able to reverse the motion within two seconds.

These sensors are especially important if there are children or pets that can access the garage.

These situations are the most common incidents that are happening in Canada.

Vehicle damage may also be a considerable inconvenience.

These things can happen when safety sensors are not correctly installed in overhead doors,

particularly if the garage door weighs a lot or more massive than most.

The garage door’s safety sensors play such an important role.

It is essential to check up on the sensors to ensure its safety and capability.

Therefore, through the overhead door’s safety sensors, numerous accidents and injuries can be avoided in the future,

keeping the household safe and protected from any harm whatsoever.

This article will be tackling overhead safety sensors specifically, how it works, and the indicators of a possibly defective safety sensor.

How does an overhead door safety sensor work?

Overhead door safety sensors are located on each side of the door’s opening just a little above the floor by six inches.

These sensors create a low-voltage infrared beam called the photo-eye system that identifies any obstacle touching it.

This beam sends signals to open or close the overhead door.

In order for the garage door to close, the photo eye’s system must remain undisturbed,

so if there is someone or something that is in the way,

then the overhead door will not close by itself.

Instead, it will retract and open.

The photo-eye system is activated once the garage door’s remote control button will be pressed,

which triggers the track-and-pulley system that enables the overhead door to open and close.

The Revolutions per minute (RPM) sensors in the overhead door’s safety mechanism also help detect motor speed.

The RPM sensors enable the garage door to reverse its motion whenever there is an obstruction blocking the infrared signal’s path.

What are the indicators of a faulty safety sensor?

Properly aligned safety sensors on a garage door should light up whenever there is no obstruction in the way of a closing garage door.

If the lights on the sensor are blinking, then it can be an indicator that the safety sensors are having issues.

Additionally, Suppose the door’s sensors are not responding or giving out a signal.

In that case, that will most probably mean that there is a problem.

One reason why it could be faulty is because of too much exposure to direct sunlight.

Another indicator could be dirty lenses.

These lenses found on the sensors are made of glass, just like on a camera.

Over time, dirt and residue might pile up on the electric-eye lenses, and wiping with a clean cloth is essential for the sensors’ functionality.

The safety sensors can also be misaligned, and the infrared signals are not pointed in the same direction.

This problem can be identified if one of the LED lights located on the sensor’s exterior is blinking.

If there are still issues found, a garage door repair professional can figure out the problem and solve or fix whatever the problems maybe.

Seek professional assistance

Garage door specialists are available to ensure the proper and legit repairs that an overhead door’s safety sensors will need.

Services on garage door safety sensors can be located in Edmonton, St. Albert, Beaumont, and Calgary and the locations near them.

Having trained professionals work on overhead door safety sensors is the best choice to make when dealing with these complications.

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