Garage Door Will Not Close? These Could Be the Reasons Why

Garage Door Will Not Close

Garage Door Will Not Close? Keep Reading

The garage door not closing is one of the most common problems in the system.

There are times that it will simply refuse to budge and ignore the command being sent out by the remote control, and while it is common, it is also pretty alarming.

An overhead door not closing might be due to several reasons, some of which can be a real inconvenience not just in itself but also for the budget.

Residential garage doors are very useful for homeowners in their everyday endeavors.

Not only does it look good and adds more value to the whole property, but it also does a pretty good job at handling security and safety measures.

That is why, with a stubborn overhead door, families and residents can face inconveniences that are detrimental to the lifestyle of the people in the household.

If the garage door does not close, it should be inspected and repaired immediately.

However, what could be causing it?

The following reasons may be the answer:

Present Obstruction Problems

The most typical reason for a garage door not responding to the closing command is that there is an object that is blocking the path of the door.

Garage door openers have infrared sensors that have the ability to detect whether there is something on the way that might clash with the door while it is closing.

As a part of the safety feature employed by openers, the sensors will prevent the door from closing and will auto-reverse once it detects something while on the operation.

The LED lights that are found in the sensors will most likely blink to signal that something has been detected on the way.

Obstructing objects may be as small as debris; hence people should take care to clean their garage every once in a while.

Problems in the Wires

The safety sensors in the garage door opener are brought to life by some low-energy voltage wires that are linked to the opener’s motor.

For different reasons, such as internal or external problems, these wires may be disconnected.

This results in the sensor’s LED lights to switch off due to the lack of power that typically emanates from the motor.

Homeowners can reconnect the wires by themselves, but to be sure, a professional garage door repair company should do the job, in case any more problems arise due to this.

If the wires are broken or ripped, an instant fix can be done by experts to ensure a quality repair.

Misalignment Problems

The garage door opener is mostly the culprit when the door refuses to operate.

However, in this case, it might be due to the safety sensors and the photo-eyes being out of alignment.

The photo-eyes safety feature functions to stop the door’s motion if the infrared signal between the two sensors is disconnected.

If the photo-eye sensors are misaligned, the sensor beams cannot connect and are considered disrupted, thus signaling the door to stop moving.

Adjustments in the sensors should be made, but as they are typically sensitive, it should be done with great care.

If there are uncertainties with making the adjustments or repairs, it would be best to call for reinforcements from a service company.

Damaged Safety Sensors

If all else fails, or the problems mentioned above do not apply to the current situation of an overhead door refusing to budge, it might be because of further damage in the opener.

The safety sensors itself may be thoroughly damaged and will need to be replaced.

Calling a garage door repair company to do the work is easy these days, and qualified companies can do the job efficiently.

Other reasons can be due to damaged tracks and rollers, broken springs and cables, or an overall faulty garage door opener.

For this, elaborate repairs and instant fixes by expert technicians should be done to keep the door up and running in no time.

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