Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why

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    Garage Door Won't Close

    Garage Door Won’t Close – One of the most frustrating problems one can encounter is when overhead doors don’t close up, most especially if there are time restraints in one’s schedule such as emergencies and impromptu errands.

    There are various reasons as to why the overhead door’s internal mechanisms are not functioning properly.

    Six Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Close

    1. Door Blockage

    This reason is the most common one when the operation of the overhead doors is faulty.

    Check if something is blocking the doorway.

    This is because the sensors can detect if there is anything underneath it, making the door stop to a complete halt.

    Even the tiniest debris can cause the overhead door to reverse its closing motion; thus, be cautious when examining it.

    2. Malfunctioning Safety Sensors

    As mentioned in the first reason, the sensors’ function is to detect objects that block the doorway.

    If these sensors are broken, not only will the detection be disrupted but also the overall function of the overhead door.

    Check if these sensors are located six inches above the ground of the driveway, facing away from each other.

    This is the recommended distance the sensors should be situated on.

    Determine if there are any problems by restarting the operation and see if it can receive the signals properly.

    3. Misaligned Safety Sensors

    If the sensors are working, the reason might be their misalignment.

    A sign of misaligned safety sensors is the perpetual signal produced.

    Fortunately, there is an LED light that conveys information on misaligned safety sensors.

    If the light is on and steady, the sensors are working correctly.

    On the other hand, if the light starts blinking, the placement of the sensors is incorrect.

    Align the sensors to its proper orientation to fix this issue.

    4. Broken Springs and Damaged Cables

    The springs are considered the most significant part of the overhead door, rendering them responsible for lifting the whole thing.

    Along with the springs, the cables perform a significant role in the lowering of the door.

    Therefore, if any of these springs or cables are damaged, one of the results is most likely the door’s misalignment or paused functionality.

    Inspect the springs to see if any are broken.

    If there, contact a technician immediately to solve the problem.

    This issue is hazardous, which requires a person with adequate skills and knowledge to perform the job.

    5. Door Travel Limitations

    The travel distance setting on the overhead door is also a possibility of this hindered operation.

    The door openers are equipped with a default setting with information regarding space in the driveway.

    Although this is ensured during the installation process, it can slowly drift away over time.

    Adjust the setting to solve this problem.

    Make sure that the setting is not too high nor too low.

    6. Damaged Tracks

    Tracks are responsible for carrying the door along with the springs and cables.

    If these tracks are damaged (bent or warped), the door is subject to malfunctioning.

    In addition, if the tracks are blocked, remove the cause of the blockage to restore the working order.

    Garage Door Won’t Close – Five Ways to Fix This Issue

    To solve this dilemma, here are five helpful ways that can help fix this certain malfunction.

    1. Examine the situation

    The very first step to do this is to scan the situation.

    Do a visual check of the overhead door and its components.

    Look for anything that blocks the door or triggers the sensors.

    2. Check the safety sensors

    Check if the sensors are working properly.

    Adjust if they are misaligned.

    Also, always remember to keep it clean, removing any visible dirt, grime, and cobwebs.

    3. Do the wall station alternative

    If the problems are not concerned with any of the reasons mentioned above, try this alternative.

    To do this, press the interior wall station and hold it for a while with constant pressure until the door reaches the ground.

    If this is done successfully, the safety sensors are having trouble with its electrical circuits.

    These circuits might be wet or moist or covered with dirt.

    Clean and dry it to solve the issue.

    4. Resort to the manual release cord

    The manual release cord is located on the opener that releases it from the door, allowing it to be lifted and lowered manually.

    5. Call a professional overhead door repairman

    Should these methods not work for one’s overhead and garage doors, this would mean it’s time to contact a professional.

    For overhead door repair, there are services offered in St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Leduc.

    We hope this helps with the issue Garage Door Won’t Close

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