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    Roll Up Garage Doors

    Garage doors keep your garage secured and your belongings safe.

    These doors can be of different types but still serve the same purpose.

    Each type may introduce different features and may require different approaches in terms of maintenance and repair.

    And understanding your type of garage door is the first thing you need to get to those.

    Here, we’ll introduce to you the Roll Up Garage Doors.

    What is a Roll Up Garage Door?

    Garage doors can consist of several individual panels that roll above and inwards on your garage.

    In the Roll Up Garage Door system, these panels are kept into a roll and moved overhead as you open the door.

    This kind of door is applicable for residential and commercial purposes but is not perfectly convenient for large spaces.

    Roll-Up doors come in various characteristics such as shapes, colors, and sizes.

    They can also be of different materials, depending on where you’ll be using these doors.

    Main Types

    Roll Up Garage Doors can be classified into two types: Rolling Steel Doors and Section Roll Up Doors.

    These types of doors are classified based on their structures and differ on durability, installation, and pricing.

    Rolling Steel Doors are those garage doors having only one large panel rolled overhead to keep your garage door open.

    When opened, the mechanism is also completely open and leaves your garage exposed.

    This type of door can’t be made of wood because it is not strong enough to be rolled up.

    It is also known as an overhead coiling door or service door.

    Unlike the type of roll-up door as mentioned above, Section Roll-Up Doors usually have four to five panels.

    Typically, section roll-up dors have fixed panels that roll up overhead when opened.

    This type of roll-up garage door is usually made from much lighter gauge materials.

    Although sectional garage doors are known less expensive than rolling doors, overtime heavy-duty rolling doors let you save more as they last longer and require less maintenance.


    Steel is the most common material for this type of door for it is very durable, while Fiberglass is known to be the most fragile.

    Aluminum is also a good material for your roll-up door, because it’s lightweight but is more costly than steel.

    However, this type of material does not rust and may last for a long time under different climate conditions.

    Wood can also be used in roll-ups but is not only applicable for section roll up door-type.

    We do not recommend this material, especially if you’re looking for a long-lasting garage door.

    That’s because wood is not robust enough to be used in a rolling door-type which is mainly composed of only one panel.


    Roll-up doors may also introduce different colors and finishes, particularly in residential purposes where design is essential to match the overall view.

    The paint not only serves for aesthetic but also adds up to the durability of your door and provides excellent protection against corrosion.


    As the name suggests, this door is gathered into a roll and can be lifted or lowered easily when opening or closing.

    That makes these types of doors recommendable as it is easy to use, convenient, and saves you more space in your garage.

    This type of door also gives you excellent security which is significant in a busy place in Edmonton.

    It is highly durable and keeps your commodities safe and secured.

    It can serve for even a lifetime with proper installation and if properly maintained.

    In terms of maintenance, roll-up doors require little-to-no maintenance and are easily replaceable, but help from a professional is extremely advisable.

    Need Help on Roll Up Door?

    If you need to replace your roll-up garage door, you’ll need a professional team to help you during the process.

    Garage door installation can be very tricky and extremely dangerous.

    Instead of doing it yourself, why not visit a garage door company near you.

    Talk to a professional and seek advice to guide you on your Roll Up Garage Door.

    Here in Edmonton, Overhead Door Pros offers you installation and repair services for your garage door.

    Give us a call at (587) 804-2072 or email at, and we’ll be at your doorstep to serve you.

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