When Does an Garage Door System Need To Be Replaced

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    When Does an Garage Door System Need To Be Replaced

    When Does an Garage Door System Need To Be Replaced

    When Does an Garage Door System Need To Be Replaced – Considered as one of the largest parts of a home’s facade, overhead garage doors not only need to be maintained for security and practicality, but for aesthetic reasons too.

    The best way for homeowners to ensure their door’s longevity is by hiring garage door specialists to do routine maintenance checks.

    However, just like most things, it is inevitable for doors to breakdown one way or another.

    If not replaced as soon as possible, Faulty doors can be troublesome and can pose serious safety hazards to all members of the home.

    To help with the decision-making process, below is the list of signs to watch out for that indicate a need for an overhead door system replacement.

    Noises and Shakes

    A well functioning garage door shouldn’t be making any audible noises when closing or opening.

    When these issues arise, the rollers, tracks, and belts are the parts typically found to be the root of the problem.

    Usually, when owners hear noises and observe the door creaking as it moves, a repair will be the best alternative.

    However, if a quick tune-up does not remedy the issue, then it might be high time to replace the door.

    Delay in Response

    If homeowners notice that their doors have slowed down, it might be because of corroded pulleys, broken garage door opener cords, or bad rollers.

    These mechanical and electrical shortcomings result in the overhead door only beginning to close after a few seconds and can be a hassle for people in a hurry.

    Don’t wait for the doors to slow even further, or worse, stop working altogether, and contact a technician as soon as possible.

    Sudden Rise in Bills

    It may not seem possible, but an inefficient garage door can cause a sudden increase in electricity bills.

    Weatherstrips, sealing joints, and bottom seals are important energy-efficient features of a door to help insulate the garage.

    If the door does not tightly seal the area, which results in a higher utility bill, it might be time to purchase a new overhead door.

    This is especially suggested to homeowners whose home’s insulation is regularly compromised due to having older door models.

    Severely Damaged

    Accidents happen, and if by some unfortunate chance, the garage door has been severely damaged, it would be wiser to replace it than repair it.

    It doesn’t matter if the door has been dented from being hit by a vehicle or a tree branch; if there is extensive damage done, there’s a no safer and smarter choice than to have a new door installed.

    Compromised Safety Mechanisms

    The safety of one’s family should be a top priority.

    If the door’s safety features are malfunctioning, homeowners must take this matter seriously and contact a specialist to repair their door.

    However, if the same problems arise, it would best to replace the door instead of regularly paying for repairs.

    Additionally, if owners wish to upgrade their doors to the more modern types that can be controlled by smartphones, it would be a good idea to have the doors replaced.

    Old Motor

    According to experts, the average overhead door typically lasts 15 years.

    Nevertheless, if one’s door is nearly turning 10 years, then owners should start searching for newer models for replacement.

    Older models are usually more prone to malfunctions, so it would be safer to replace the door before breaking down out of nowhere due to an old motor.

    In addition to that, doors that have not been replaced for a long time are likely to have outdated features, which may be off-putting for others.

    Little to No Curb Appeal

    A home’s appearance largely depends on its exterior parts, and an overhead door is usually the largest section of the outside front.

    Upgrading to a modern door will instantly make a house look more sleek and attractive.

    Not only that, but it will also positively affect the value of the home on the resale market.

    For owners who wish to revitalize their homes’ look, replacing their garage doors might be the answer.

    Deciding to finally upgrade to a new overhead door can be a significant change for homeowners.


    If any of the aforementioned symptoms are noticeable in a door, changing to a newer door will undoubtedly be a more efficient and cost-friendly choice.

    For garage door installations, repairs and replacements in Leduc, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Glastonbury or Leduc, residents can contact any local specialists in the area.

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